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By Johanne James

Hello there!

Today I’m gonna tell you about The Kyrbgrinder Experience. If you come to one of our gigs, or not as the case usually is, you will be guaranteed to have a party, to boogie on down and have a ball. The shows are always inclusive as we try and get everyone involved and there is banter between the crowd and the band. But also be very careful that you may be singled out for some personal attention. LOL. In saying that the music is loud, proud and tight, as we are only a three-piece band, so not only is there nowhere to hide, but there isn’t much to go wrong as far as sound is concerned. We are in fact a sound engineer’s dream. Or nightmare, as the drums are front and centre stage with the drummer doing the lead vocals, ouch! More often than not when seen for the first time people are usually looking to see where the singer is, as they don’t imagine that the drummer would be performing that task. Then they say, oh there he is, it’s the drummer, as they look on in some confusion. I guess it’s a little different, but not something that hasn’t been done before. Remember there is nothing new under the sun! We have three albums released to date, the latest being `Chronicles Of A Dark Machine’, whilst the other two are respectively called `Cold War Technology’ and `Defiance’, available through your usual outlets, and YouTube of course! Our last performance was at a festival called RED ROAR at The Red Lion in Gravesend Kent. It seems that we went down a storm with the crowd; we had people up on stage with us jumping and bouncing to the music. Yep, I guess they had a good time too. They more than likely had more fun than we did, as they didn’t have to clear the stage and pack up their gear and load it into the van and then drive some 70 miles home! I’m not complaining, oh yes I am, oh no I’m not. Do you see a pattern emerging here? Good, then let me say that for us it’s about the music and those who enjoy it and as long as there are those of you out there that will enjoy the Kyrbgrinder Experience, then we will continue and endeavour to make good music and perform to the best of our abilities. For at the end of the day we are here for a good time not a long time.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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