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by Johanne James

Hi guys.

Today’s topic is THE MANAGER.

Some of them are complete *#@%!. Well I’m not one for using profanity so lets just say incompetent. I’ve had my share as most of us have, needless to say they promise you the world and all you get is a village! Not even that, as more often than not you are left holding the bill and nothing to show for your efforts. Then again if you come across the right one it can be a match made in heaven providing they have your best interest at heart and are not looking for a cash cow? You! They are worth their weight in gold even more so, and if they believe in what they are doing for you and believe in you, then there is no obstacle they will not overcome on your behalf.

Mutual respect and trust, other factors to take into consideration for the day to day running of a band, can be a labour of love, and yes, very boring indeed. One can spend hours on the Internet surfing the web for any which way to promote the band. Personally I hate that sort of thing as my boat isn’t rigged for fishing, meaning I don’t have the capacity for it. Should they be your best friend, the additional member of the band or do you keep a respectable and professional distance as you hear the horror stories of managers disappearing into the unknown with the bands money. Beware!! I would suppose that each relationship a band has with their manager is unique so do as you will to make it work and be sure you read the fine print! These days one can just cut out the middle man who may earn his 20% for doing sweet FA as some bands can manage themselves, that is of course you have someone smart enough to know how this minefield of an industry works? I haven’t got a clue, as drummers are the least intelligent, monosyllabic, singular brain celled creatures on the planet. And when we die out, there will be rejoicing, partying and celebrations worldwide, but I digress. I’m not saying anything I’m sure you don’t already know and hope haven’t experienced, yet? The truth is managers should manage and musicians should play and the marriage of the two should be a long lasting and happy one for a divorce can be very messy business indeed.

Peace my friends.


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