By Johanne James

Hello all and how are you? Good?

Well, today’s topic is THE RIDER
More often than not there isn’t anything I can digest being what I am. Chocolate, Cola, Sprite, beer, crisps of varying degrees of salt and flavour, biscuits and other assorted sugars. Bon appetite. Hence I will do my best to take my own rider of nuts, dates, bananas and other bits and bobs that would more than likely be suited to the diet of a squirrel than a human. Anyway, just add soya or coconut milk and away you go, oh and of course a blender. They do provide some fruit, you know, the usual thing like apples, oranges, grapes and bananas, an assortment of cereals, most of which are full of sugar and air, hmm, and of course the customary muesli. That’s breakfast sorted. Dinner can be hit and miss, but they do now have a veggie option as it seems to be growing in popularity, or is it just fashionable to call yourself a vegan?? As you know I don’t drink, so after the gig I’ll have apple or orange juice or just plain water. I can only imagine that it is difficult for promoters and venues to provide for everyone’s taste, so they will just get any and everything they think musicians or sometimes human dustbins want. Unless you specify what you want you will get what you are given! But things are getting better as people are becoming more aware of a healthy diet and the choice is now becoming available, but it also depends on whether or not the venues actually care what they give as some don’t. And being musicians we are the lowest common denominator and therefore treated with some, and I shall choose my words carefully, indifference. This is of course a personal view and not to be taken as the norm because in the eyes of many, I am not normal!

All the best my friends. Bon appetite!


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