Pink Floyd


By Johanne James

Hi there again!

Today I’d like to discuss with you my favourite classic rock album.
Now, I don’t know if it’s considered in this category, but my choice is `Dark Side Of The Moon’ by Pink Floyd. Am I showing my age? I hope not. It has everything an album of the stature should; melody, great lyrics, wonderful guitars and so on. What makes it special is that it has stood the test of time and would stand up against any of today’s classic rockers without sounding dated and though the production can be overlooked the content still makes it a great album! Now remember this is my choice as I can hear many of you screaming no! What are you talking about? Truth is this album has now crossed generations and will be discovered by many more to come, hopefully. I guess what they will do is download it. All the tracks blend very well and feel seamless. You can listen to it again and again, and also it isn’t that long considering how moody it gets, it could go on forever. I just found some of it very haunting indeed and it takes me back. I wonder how successful they would be if they were to emerge as a new band in this day and age. Record companies may well say, hmm, you’re not what we’re looking for, have you tried the independents? Yes, and they turned us down too! Everyone wants to look and sound like Justin Timberlake. Remember, when this album was recorded you didn’t have auto tune which meant you had to sing in key. Yes, the correct pitch! You didn’t have the technology to iron out your mistakes, and if you did make a mistake, you had to go and do it again until you got it right! I take my hat off to all of those great albums that have since been archived in the Classic Rock Hall Of Fame. Thank you for some great music and wonderful memories.

Johanne James


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