Threshold set list


By Johanne James

Greetings to you all from sunny London. Hm?

Anyway, Threshold had their first gig in Athens, Greece on the 13th of November 2017 at a wonderful venue called Kyttaro.
We met at Heathrow airport to board our flight, which took 3 hours and 40 minutes. We landed safely enough, but to be honest, I don’t like flying one bit! I’m afraid of heights, so I’m glad that I am vertically challenged at 1 meter and change. We were met by a very nice chap at the other end by the name of Harry, I think, yes Harry, who took us to our hotel, which was situated in the very centre of Athens. Consequently it was very noisy, but considering I make so much noise on stage I can only suppose that fate is getting its own back on me!
So we arrive at the venue to unload and set up and sound check and all that other stuff we do to make the show run smoothly for you. This is the side most of you don’t see as you just experience the end result. All the teething problems have to be ironed out. After a blistering set by the enigmatic Silent Wedding we reset our gear to ready ourselves for the show.

So after I had refined my set up I nip backstage to make the entrance that more dramatic.
The lights dim and the backing track begins to a roar of approval. People have been waiting 10 years for us to return to Greece, so they were ready for the first chord. We open with ,,Slipstream’’ and off we go. The lights were hot and the stage pounding and we were met with another roar of approval. Then came ,,The Man Who Saw Through Time’’ and so on. Seeing as we have never played live as this configuration it was as though we had always done so. Nothing was amiss, it was a glorious and very energetic performance by us all. Of course there were a couple of glitches, which was to be expected, for nothing runs perfect on the first night, but these things are played out over time. The adrenaline was immense and we could have played for hours. The set lasted over 1 hour 30 minutes, but it felt like no time had passed before we were saying good night and coming back for an encore. Songs from the new album went down a storm for those who have it were singing along with merry. It was of course a mixture of old and new songs from the eras of each of the Threshold singers, compositions that they had made their own. But you know what, it really didn’t matter as a good time was had by all. There will always be comparisons as to whom was the best front man for this band, but in my opinion, they all were! They all made their mark and left an impression on the many fans we have gained and lost along the way.

The tour starts on the 28th of November in Weert, Holland. We hope to see many of you along the way, but if we don’t, then don’t stop listening to the album and maybe you’ll catch us next time round. Thanks for listening, for the best is yet to come!

Peace, my friends.

Johanne James



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