By Johanne James

Hi again!

Let’s talk about the Tour Manager.
Some good, some questionable. We are lucky and I mean very lucky to have one who also doubles up as our sound engineer, but please don’t tell him that we only pay him for one task and the thing is, he doesn’t know which one. Shhh!
Anyway, he will always make sure the itinerary is up on the board or door for all to see to make sure that things will run smoothly. Standard procedure for any Tour Manager who is worth his weight in salt! But then what else would a Tour Manager do? Make sure the venue has everything in order once the band has arrived and sort out dressing rooms, showers, food, stage and departure times, liaise with the promoter and collect the money at the end of the night. Thank you and good night. Then do it all again the next day and the next and so on. As long as there aren’t any personalities to deal with his job can be made easy or challenging, depending on whom is on the bus. I don’t like making waves and I don’t want to be around anyone who does. Life can be so easy on the road if you so choose and I choose to have an easy life.

Let’s say the Tour Manager is the unsung hero who goes about his job and gets things done. I haven’t so far had any negative experiences and if I can’t say anything good I won’t say anything bad. He could be your best friend or your worst enemy and nightmare. I’ve had too many nightmares in my time and can safely say that I don’t want any more!!
Long live the Tour Manager!!!

Thanks for listening.
Johanne James


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