By Johanne James

Hello again!


Put your hands up if you enjoy, and keep your hands down if you don’t. I truly enjoy it as you get to go to places off the beaten track that you didn’t know existed and can’t spell. I always call it a paid holiday when we are touring. One can spend hours on a bus or plane churning away the hours until you reach your destination. Planes are a funny thing, you charge down the runway, feel the G’s as you defy gravity and then it seems that you stand still until your descent. I don’t like flying to be honest, as you hear the horror stories, but the chances of anything happening to you are highly unlikely, like winning £100.000.000 on the lottery. No chance! Or being struck by lightening twice in one afternoon. Anyway, finding something to amuse yourself or chat with other members of the band are important and also important that you like whom you’re traveling with, otherwise the result can be, well let’s just say, uproar. The ferry, as long as you have good weather and a constitution for choppy seas, can be a blast and providing you can afford the overpriced fish and chips and other assorted recipes for a cardiac arrest, then enjoy. More often than not it’s the journey that is more important than the arrival itself because as you know, anything can happen.
On one particular tour whilst driving through the night and going down a rather steep hill only to ascend up again, the bus got caught in the middle, stuck like a stick in the mud, you heard this awful grinding sound only to come to an eventual stop. It took hours for the breakdown truck to arrive to pull us from our predicament that we could continue our journey. Let’s just say that we have no desire to repeat that incident as something else waits to stop us in our tracks. Traveling expands the mind and feeds the soul and there is always something to see or someone to meet that can change your life. I highly recommend that everyone experience the joys, trials and horrors of this wonderful phenomenon.

Piece my friends.


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