By Johanne James

Good day to you out there in HBLS land.

It’s a strange thing, is it not, as we must put our trust in all kinds of people and things. We must trust that the kettle will boil in the morning or that the car will start that will enable us to get to work on time or that the driver coming in the opposite direction on the motorway won’t decide to jump the central reservation and crash into you head on! Ouch! We must put our trust in doctors, dentists, lawyers, checkout assistants at the supermarket that they will give you the correct change and all of these things we take for granted, don’t we? We see it as a matter of course that they will do what is asked without question. But the most important of all is when we trust in an intimate relationship and hope that they won’t stray left or right to someone who might offer him or her something that you may not be able to provide. The one thing you can’t resist is temptation! That is when the trust can turn to rust! This is something we can more than likely all relate to and have a particular story to tell. We read about it daily that one celeb or another has done the dirty on his or her spouse and thus the relationship is then in tatters and hence will take months or even years to rebuild. It only takes a moment of infidelity for this to occur and all that it took to build is gone!

I trust my mechanic.
I trust that the toilet will flush after use, I trust the remote control will change to my favourite channel that I’m able to watch the ice hockey, and my laptop that I’m able to write these columns that you may or may not read! Lol! Once a long time ago I had a laptop that decided it was going to switch itself off mid-sentence and could I get the darn thing to work? No! I then sent it to laptop heaven. Yes, I took a sledgehammer to it and smashed it to pieces! Am I revealing a part of myself that should perhaps remain hidden? Too late I guess, as I’m sure we have all felt that way at one time or another. You know, I could take a hammer to that vacuum cleaner or even the TV. I did in fact feel a warped sense of satisfaction after the act. Yeah, that felt good! I since had to purchase another, which was inconvenient but a must and I can only hope that this one will continue to work as it should so history won’t repeat itself.

Trust can be eroded in a moment as life can be cruel, so we put our trust in those we love and hope for the best and trust that those we love will tell us the truth. The truth is I trust two things: that God will try and save my soul and that the Devil will try and enslave my soul.

I thank you for listening and I trust that you will read this column. Lol!

Johanne James




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