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By Johanne James

Hello my dear readers and how are you?
Things are beginning to be relaxed and who’s to say that life won’t return to normal? It’s possible I suppose, so let’s stay optimistic.

Today I’m gonna give some tips for a vegan BBQ.
Seeing as we have had a spate of very good weather recently, people have been taking advantage of it and with an excess of time on their hands what better way to spend it than having a weekend in the garden roasting your favourite meat and veg! Now you all know my palette and being vegan the options are expanding. But trend is now to call it plant based. I was in the supermarket the other day and came across a section that said just that, plant based. They had limited selection as to what could be put on a grill, mainly sausages, oh and plant based burgers, Jalapeño. I have no idea as to what they taste like, but I’ll keep you informed.

So what would a Plant Based BBQ look like?
Well, there are potatoes, corn on the cob, peppers, shallots, carrots and anything else you can think of. There are a host of other veg that are off the beaten track, in fact you can put any veg you feel to. The fact is we eat all that meat eaters eat, just without the meat, so they created a meat free substitute. The one disappointment is that they don’t cook the same. Why make a meat free dish? If you want to eat meat, then eat meat! Why produce something that looks, feels and tastes like the real thing?

There is much to enjoy in spite that many people still say that you need to eat meat.
Well, don’t take my word for it, put whatever you want on a barbie, and I don’t mean the doll, or even Pamela Anderson, but there is much more to this than meats the eye. Get it? Meats the eye? Oh go on! Anyway, the fact remains that whenever I have one of these in my garden, the only meat to be seen is me, and I’m not about to put myself on the charcoal grill. I’m a bit tough and wouldn’t be very palatable, in fact down right ghastly! So I say to you that if you use a little imagination then a whole world will open up to you, and if you’re unsure there are so many YouTube videos and cook books to assist you in that department. So go and enjoy an afternoon in the sun.

All it needs for me to say is thanks for listening.

Johanne James

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