By Johanne James

Good day to you all and here’s a topic for you to consider.

What ever it takes.
How many of us are willing to sacrifice perhaps our very souls to achieve our aim, goal or that which you have in mind? What is the mind set to go out there to walk, tread or trample on others and perhaps make enemies of those who were once your friends and loved ones? Do you put your conscience aside? Lock it in a drawer? JR Ewing comes to mind. Lol. Then there must be something quite sinister and ruthless in your character and may God forgive you for others may not! Then again they may well be a kind human being with a good heart who is willing to put others before him or herself. What happens when you achieved what you had set out to do, what’s next? Set yourself a new set of goals and so on and on and on and on and then you have conquered the world, the moon and then take each planet one by one. I always ask, how much is enough and I can only imagine that when you have it you want more. I admire those who are driven, single minded and have a sense of purpose, a path they must follow and are never derailed until they reach their destination. That may well be a stately home in the country or that Bentley or selling 30 million units of an album or what ever. Success comes at a price, as does everything and the price I pay is working hard at my instrument so many hours of practice that I still do, and the reward is playing in a band that has given me the opportunity to travel to parts of the world I couldn’t afford to, play great music with a lovely bunch of fellows and get paid for it. Pinch me!

There was a wonderful saying I heard from a very wise man who said:
“When desire ends there is peace”. How wonderful is that? I’m not sure I would want the frustration of waking each morning to a task that is well beyond my capability. I can’t imagine the stress and I wouldn’t want it and don’t understand why anybody would. Then I suppose we wouldn’t have many of the things we do for we need those who are driven. We need those who begin where others may end! One thing with having much is that you have much to lose and can spend a lot of valuable time worrying about those who wish to relieve you of what you have sacrificed much for! Good for those who have done what they have set out to do. A dear friend said he wants to retire at 40 and I’m sure he will. Unfortunately he’s materialistic, he likes the finer things in life, some of which I won’t mention, but again I admire his drive and determination.

Do I have in me to do what ever it takes? I hope not, for there are some sacrifices I won’t make at any cost. I wouldn’t want to lose my dignity, my friends or my family! There is another saying “It’s lonely at the top”. Success is nothing without having someone to share it with!

Thanks for listening

Johanne James



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