What to take on tour Johanne James


By Johanne James

Hello my friends and how are you this week? All good, I hope?

Then let’s talk about what to take on tour.
On the bus that is. I only take what’s absolutely crucial, otherwise you can end up with a bunk full of junk that you’ll more than likely not use and will take up valuable space. Remember those bunks are economy and not first class and what you see is what you get, unless there’s one available for you to put all the extra baggage, then best use the space wisely. Luckily I’m on the fun size, that means small to the uninitiated, so everything fits at the bottom of my living space for the next two weeks or so and carried in a storage box. There’s always the trailer for the extras, but it means going in and out and that can be a nightmare in the rain! I tend to wash what I wear and by the time morning arrives it’s all dry and ready to go. Thank the universe for soap and water. Hot water! If you don’t mind a laundry room at the back end of the bus, then all is well with the world of touring. Three t-shirts, boxers and socks with a couple of playing trousers, a pair of trainers to play in and a pair of boots for walking. Don’t forget a warm sweat shirt and jacket for those windy mornings. It also depends on what time of the year you’re touring that will determine what you take. I also take some books and a DVD player, normally supplied by the Vegan & Drum Rescue Service, thanks again.

As you know I’m a Vegan
I’m going to tell you a little story, so please excuse my digression. I teach drum kit at a number of schools and there is one young lad whose mother picks him up after his lesson. I asked if he was a vegan to which he replied no. Where’s that, he asked. Where’s what? Where’s Vegan? By this time, needless to say, I was in fits of laughter at his innocence. Anyway, I thought it was funny. So, I tend to take enough of the essential things, that’ll mean I get enough of what I need to see me through, but it shall remain confidential as you will think me STRANGE. And seeing as most of the venues now cater for my dietary requirements these things are to keep me from catching any of those undesirables that tend to circulate on a bus of some 15 to 16 bodies! Yuk. Cough, sneeze and splatter! I have seen band members take 14 of everything, or as long as the tour lasts, and consequently end up with so much washing that their bunks look like a lost cause! And very smelly too. So now as they have seen what I do and have followed suit, they have found it to be to their advantage. The trick for me is to take what I need, but in saying that, it can be tricky. Best take enough medication to fend off those nasty little critters that try and spoil the party. It’s very personal as to what you take and for you old veterans out there you needn’t read this, for you guys will more than likely forget that which I will never learn. Take what you think will serve its purpose, especially your instruments, you’ll need those, I hope, but then there’s always backing tapes and Pro Tools!

In closing, the thing to do is enjoy the experience no matter what you take, and no matter what you take, please try and remember to take it with you when you leave as I have found some of the strangest items you can imagine! Yeah, go figure? Lol.

Thank for listening and enjoy the tour.

Johanne James 




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