By Johanne James

Good day dear people and how are you? I do hope that life has been treating you better than it has me? LOL!

Anyway. What would you do with 1 million pounds? Well to be honest, 1 million pounds is not nearly enough! Not to say I’m being greedy of course, but when you think of how the cost of living has risen, and then having given half to the VDRS, there wouldn’t be much left to buy a bar of chocolate! Money has somewhat been devalued over the years.

Thus, forget about fast cars and fancy clothes, as I’m way past those indulgences. So what now? A ten bedroom house is absolutely pointless. Have you not noticed when those who are lucky or unlucky enough to win, the first thing they do is buy a big house, and a big car and lots of unnecessary things that will eventually hold no value in the end! I’m sure I’d find myself with a host of new friends and relatives, all crawling from the woodwork, crawling over one another to get their hands on my loot! A sequence of numbers and your life has changed forever, in a moment. But what would I do? Well to start I’d buy myself somewhere nice to live, not too big and not too small but just right. I call it the Goldilocks Syndrome. I’d have a garage for my rather modest car, and as long as I can get my drums in it, then why would I need anything else? I must have a workshop where I can hide away and be creative, meaning, all the furniture would be made by my hand from reclaimed wood, upcycled, revitalised and given a new lease of life from those who have thrown away that which is perfectly useable, with a little imagination of course. IKEA would never see a penny of my good fortune as neither would any of your high street furniture stores, which isn’t an indictment on the quality or design of their items, I’d just rather make my own. I’d leave enough for my family and friends to fight over whilst I disappear into a world of my own, never to be seen again!

Truth be told, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. Other than give myself an amount of time to consider my options and then decide as to what my next plan of action would be. Some financial advice wouldn’t go amiss and then who knows? Maybe it’ll see me out into my old age, which isn’t that far away, to be honest.

Here’s to all of you who dream of winning big. May the Lord have mercy on you, if you do!

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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