By Johanne James

Hello there my dear readers and I do hope you’ve had a good week since my last column.

Now. What’s in my fridge?
My dear mother told me once never to go shopping when you’re hungry! You end up with all sorts of things you don’t need! Hence those wise words have echoed through the decades and I don’t go shopping when I’m hungry! I budget myself and get what I need for a couple of days then repeat the process when I need to. Therefore I only have what I need in my fridge. Apple juice, stir fry mixed veg from one of the major shopping outlets, almond milk and a host of other things that a vegan needs. My shopping list isn’t extensive and I very rarely buy junk, if you can call lactose free ice cream, junk? Well it does contain a fair amount of refined white sugar, which can give you all sorts of problems in the long run! You won’t find any meat or dairy products unless I should have gone to Specsavers and bought the wrong item!

I see people spending hundreds of pounds on shopping, and when you look in their trollies, it’s filled with sugar, salt and lots of fat, not forgetting the amount of processed items that spill over! Yuk. I must seem like a bit of a poser when you see what’s going on in my cold storage. Tomatoes, spring onions, pumpkin and a host of other stuff that will bore the pants off you and consequently there isn’t a lot. Just what I need and when I need it, nothing more, nothing less and nothing else. I hate waste hence I try and not waste anything, plus I can’t afford it, especially during this rather strange time that all of our gigs have been cancelled until further notice, so I’m not generating the income that would enable me to afford the luxury of waste. You are what you eat, but me, I’m on a Highway To Health!

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James

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