By Johanne James

Hello there!

A good friend once told me `don’t wait till some day to start living’. She was right. How many of us drift through life as if it were a rehearsal for the main performance, then it doesn’t happen and therefore life becomes a disappointment and you wish you had done all those things you had never planned to do? A moment of indecision and a lifetime of regret, for the opportunity has long since passed. It ain’t all doom and gloom though, as life can start anytime you want it to and I guess the time is now. I once wrote a column on the Bucket List containing all the adventures you would embark on before you kick the bucket, go for the dirt nap, the big sleep, hmm, all these analogies that really mean, you’re dead! Too late then as you had your chance, so best not waste it. Time and time again I hear `if only I had done that when I had the time or chance’. What? Learned to speak Spanish, French, German, whatever, had the courage to talk to that girl or boy at the bus stop, learn to play golf, gone on that train journey, you know the one, the Orient Express, that’s way too expensive isn’t it? Indeed it is, but we should be making memories to take with us into the next realm of existence, that is if you believe of course. If you don’t then it’s still no reason to not have fun whilst we still breathe and have our health. Wouldn’t it be nice to be sitting in your rocking chair in front of that warm fire with your grandchildren at your feet with a big smile on your face and when they ask `what are you smiling at, gramps?’, your answer will be `none of your business my child, none of your business’. So go and make your own memories that will put on yours, the same smile I have on my face! Best you enjoy life now, as it’s so true that You Only Live Once. And if you do get a second chance, please let me know.

Peace my friends!

Johanne James


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