Exclusive Tour Diary European Tour 2017! Pt.1

German symphonic metal band BEYOND THE BLACK is conquering the world. Their new album ‘Lost In Forever’ has just been released through UDR Music and now they are on tour with EPICA and POWERWOLF. HeadBangers LifeStyle asked them to write a tour diary and they agreed. We proudly present part one of that diary: The Start Of The Tour.

Jennifer Haben (BEYOND THE BLACK)  Photo by Edwin van Hoof for 3rd Eye Pro.Motion

January 12th 2017 – Schlachthof Wiesbaden

Here we we go again, the road has called and we have answered! If Powerwolf and Epica weren’t already a great package to begin with, they decided to invite us as their guests and openers for their European tour, and there is just NO way to decline that offer! It’s humbling and it’s going to be a great experience for sure!

So everything starts at Schlachthof Wiesbaden – which translates to „Slaughterhouse“, so it’s pretty metal from the start if you ask me – and after loading our bus and heading to the location I can tell you one thing: it feels good to be back on the road! I’m looking forward to playing beautiful venues all over Europe, meeting our amazing fans and just open up on 18 evening for two really iconic bands. Stunning!

And the first show gave us a great impression of what is yet to come! Preperations and setting up went smoothly, and we are hyped to play the first show. The crowd reacts positively, a lot of people made it through the snowy streets of the wintery wonderlands that Germany has become over the last couple of days. It feels good to be back on the stage to entertain people, and after hearing the warmed up crowd for Epica and Powerwolf it seems we all have done a good job! It’s always great to start off a tour on a strong note, and I think every band did exactly that! So Wiesbaden, thank you all so much for coming, you made everyone of us feel welcome right from the start! Hope to see you again!

January 13th 2017 – Palladium Cologne
Palladium Cologne is one badass location. We arrive their safely after a long travel full of snow and icy streets, and the location is nicely heated up. Time for a hot coffee and a snack before we start loading out the equipment, and on day 2 everything feels even smoother than before. The stage at Palladium is quite spacey, so it gives us a good feeling for the evening. Thanks at this Point for the road crew of the mighty Epica and Powerwolf for their great job!

The day goes by without any significant point of stress or problems; only the weather is a bit worrying as the snow just won’t stop falling. But again, the amazing audience will deliver – the fans head in in swarms and continue to be as amazing as the ones in Wiesbaden. Lovely people of Cologne, thank you for continuing what Wiesbaden has started, giving us warm and rocking feeling of welcome on a cold January’s evening filled with metal music and symphonic serenades! Another show done, another great evening gone, another memory made for years to come! Humbling experience!

January 14th 2017 – MHP Arena Ludwigsburg
Ludwigsburg calling! MHP Arena, and yes, it is an Arena. It reminds me of the locations we have seen when touring with the Scorpions in November, some great memories coming back! Day 3 is when pretty much everything has settled in, so you can start to enjoy the smaller things. Good catering, doing some sports and stretching, meeting friends from the area. Good times! About 4 hours before the show, there are already fans waiting in front of the Arena – gotta love that enthusiasm, which really translates to the show later! Great energy, also some familiar faces in the audience! Some of them we meet later at the meet&greet, so hey to you again and thanks for coming!
Tomorrow is travelling day, off to Switzerland! The weather conditions surely are interesting, but let’s hope for the best!
See you on the other side of the mountains!

Keep checkin’ back for updates!
Beyond The Black



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