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PSYCHOPUNCH-A Shout From The Studio #2

Behind the scene blog by Jarmo JM Mäkkeli [lead singer & guitarist]

Just like popping popcorn. That was just the way I felt when I wrote the songs (music) for the new album. Song #1 and then…pop pop pop…16 songs! Another story with the lyrics…damn it…no clue what to write and no inspiration at all.

That makes the whole thing with the recordings a bit
…well…should I say…fucked up and do I hate that feeling…never tried or wanted to get the Nobel price in lyrics or tried to be Bob Dylan.
We don´t write political lyrics….since it´s not really our thing…doesn´t mean that we don´t give a shit but… There are bands that do that way better than we ever could do. We try to focus on things in life like having fun…party…hanging with friends..broken hearts, love and rock ´n roll and that´s not that bad!

For the first time
I asked some friends to help out with the lyrics. Hope to get another input and maybe some new ideas. Let´s see what happens. You shouldn´t be afraid of trying new things and asking help from your friends! Nevertheless the recordings have gone better and faster than expected. All the drums in 3 evenings. Rhythm guitar 2 evenings and solos in about 3 – 4 hours and bass fast as a shark!
Couldn´t be happier with that. It really rocks and all the guys have done a super awesome job in the studio. Makes me more than proud and happy. I can feel that everyone is really in to this and have the same feeling. That we will come up with a kick ass album that we all can and will be proud of.

So, I´m sitting and struggling with lyrics.
Just imagine…you are sitting with a pen and a blank paper…and after 1 – 2 hours…it´s still blank. Not sure where I should/could get the inspiration from.
I know…I know…there should be a fountain of stories to write about. But sometimes your mind plays tricks with you and you just can´t seem to find the words you are looking for. That could drive any sane man/women insane

And that´s not it.
Still trying to figure out the name for the album…what cover should we go for…what about photos…and on top of that…we have 2 gigs coming up! Still not complaining. There are worse things in life and we are happy that we are able to do what we love to do. To make a long story short…sitting here…having a beer and writing lyrics. Seems like a luxury problem and I can live with that.

Cheers Jarmo

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