Not Worrying About Fitting Into Any Kind Of Genre Or Style

Silverthorne is a new power trio consisting of English singer/guitarist Pete Shoulder (Winterville, Sloper, a new band featuring Golden Earring drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk) and the Americans Daniel Spree (bass) and Brian Tichy (drums). Especially Tichy should ring a bell after spells with Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, The Dead Daisies, Whitesnake, Stevie Salas, Pride & Glory and Foreigner to name a few. Being impressed by the debut five track EP ‘Tear The Sky Wide Open’ HeadBangers LifeStyle’s Ron Willemsen contacted the sought-after musician for an update and to hear some news.

When was the seed to start Silverthorne planted?
,,Pete and I got reacquainted via a project involving the Deleo Bros from Stone Temple Pilots where the 3 of us had recorded a bunch of songs, (NON STP, a totally different project), The Deleos got turned on to Pete Shoulder.
We were blown away by his voice and proceeded to record an LP together. But soon after, the Deleos discovered a singer for STP. They had to make a choice and they chose STP which we understood. We love STP and they deserve to move forward with the awesome band they created decades ago.
I learned that Pete and I think similarly about music and what we dig in bands etc… I also learned he’s very talented in many ways … vocals, lyrics, guitar, writing, and a great guy with no ego to have to deal with. We work in the same “meticulous yet open to spontaneity” way in the studio and live! That makes it very easy for us to be productive and stress free!’’

Was it clear from the start that it would be a trio?
,,Yes … we liked the simplicity. I already mentioned how Pete and I got together. Daniel is a longtime friend who I had played with live and in the studio. I knew he was also cut from the same cloth as far as what he grew up on and what he digs in music. His addition to the band was a very easy call to make.’’

Was there any discussion about the musical direction?
,,Without surprise, to me, as I really thought it would be what it is, Pete and I working together was a no-brainer. We talk about the same music and come from the same place when we talk about what kind of sounds and music and song vibes we want. We also both agree that anything goes. You will, in the future, hear Silverthorne songs that sound like what you expect based on what you’ve already heard, but you will also hear stuff that will show you we don’t have any true guidelines or playgrounds we need to stay in the confinements of.’’

Our reviewer called it an energetic mix of heavy and alternative rock and he mentions bands like Alter Bridge and The Winery Dogs. I would add, Pride & Glory and Soundgarden. How would you define the style of Silverthorne?
,,Silverthorne is about trying to write mighty riffs with strong grooves, organic sounds and production, and kick ass vocals while not worrying about fitting into any kind of genre or style.’’

Is the release of the 5-track EP ‘Tear The Sky Wide Open’ done to test the waters?
,,We released a 5 song EP just to get started with some solid vibes to introduce us to the wonderful world of rock. We knew by the time it came out we’d have many new songs which may be a better representation of us as we continue to grow at a rapid pace.’’

Are you already working on a full length album?
,,Yes! Tons of new songs and ideas, many of which have already been put into the recording process!’’

How did you end up on an Australian label [Golden Robot Records]?
,,A mutual friend put us in contact and that was that! They heard our stuff, dug it and we got it going!’’

What is the ultimate goal for Silverthorne?
,,Same as everyone that starts a rock band; global domination and arenas filled throughout the world! And if we can at least sustain as an original rock band, that is just fine! We want this to be our full time job and vacation from all other realities at the same time!’’

What can you tell me about the writing process?
,,I write all the good stuff! Haha!
No, Pete and I just throw ideas back and forth. Or, we just hang out talking about music and what we love and ideas spawn from that. A riff, a title, a phrase, a melody, a groove, a chord progression… inspiration comes whenever it chooses!’’

With Pete in England and you and Daniel in the USA I can imagine there is a lot of Skyping and mailing going on?
,,We have written in the same room and via text and FaceTime. We wrote ,,Roll Me Back Again’’ on video chat and recorded our parts separately. Whatever it takes!”

At what age did you know you wanted to be a musician?
,,Very young. Like 7 or 8.’’

And who or what was the reason that you became a drummer?
,,I became a drummer because I simply thought the drums were the coolest thing on this planet. After that, I got into Kiss. Peter Criss was my first drum hero, my first drum teacher! Soon after, I got heavily into Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Rush, Aerosmith, AC/DC, and all the drummers in those bands had a huge affect on me! John Bonham! Alex Van Halen! Joey Kramer! Neil Peart! Phil Rudd!  All are awesome but Bonham, Peart and Alex VH are my top 3!”

Who were your inspirations/idols?
,,Tons! Led Zep/ Rush / James Brown/ Aerosmith / Neil Young/ Jeff Buckley/
Kiss / Van Halen / Muhammad Ali/ Little Richard/ Carole King/ Chuck Berry / I could go on forever!’’

You are a sought-after musician. It may be difficult to say about yourself but how come? What makes it that so many other seasoned musicians want to work with you?
,,It’s because I’m like the Fonz! Haha! I don’t know. I just shut up, listen, pay attention, be on time and make sure the groove is thick… or at least as thick as I can make it!’’

You have an impressive resume. Which show is the most memorable, impressive you’ve played so far?
,,Sooo many! Opening for Rush at Madison Square Garden with Vinnie Moore in 1991! Every show I played with Ozzy on 2000 Ozzfest! Playing Castle Donington two years in a row with Pride & Glory and Slash’s Snakepit are just a few that come to mind! Oh shit! The times I’ve recorded drums in the studio and played a couple of gigs with Steven Tyler.’’

How do you prepare for a show or a tour?
,,I learn the tunes for the tour. For a show, I stretch out my arms and warm up on a pad. I like the hour before the show to be only with band and in the zone.”

What is the last thing you do before you go on stage?
,,Go pee!‘’

Pete is working with a semi-Dutch project called Sloper (a band with 2 drummers, one of which is Cesar Zuiderwijk of Golden Earring). Are you involved in any other project(s) or band(s) at the moment?
,,I’m playing with Lynch Mob. George Lynch is a friend who lives in the same town as me. We have played together before. We are currently re-recording his ‘Wicked Sensation’ LP from 30 years ago in honor of it being the 30th anniversary. We are re-imagining the songs and working up very new, fresh sounding versions of them.’’

Is there any touring in the planning?
,,Silverthorne is working on it and hopefully the release of the EP with all the great reviews will open up cool touring options!
Also Lynch Mob does have many dates over the next bunch of months in the US.’’
Review of Silverthorne-‘Tear The Sky Wide Open’ here

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