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You often meet interesting people at festivals so when we saw a booth at the recent Alcatraz festival nicely decorated with a wheel of fortune outside curiosity was aroused. Turned out Souls Of Rock was a Swiss foundation that was launched a year ago and is there to help bands to achieve their plans. The “Souls Of Rock Foundation” originated from the clothing label “Souls Of Rock”. Since the sale of the first t-shirt and accessories, 10% of the turnover directly flowed into the account of the non-profit association Souls Of Rock Foundation. We spoke with the founder and president Daniel Frey and vice-president Scott Leach who is also founding member and lead guitarist of Crystal Ball about the reason for their existence, their philosophy and plans.

Daniel Frey and Scott Leach, president and vice-president of Souls Of Rock Foundation

,,The reason is that we wanted to do something unique to support the rock scene which wasn’t existing yet. The “Souls Of Rock Foundation” aims to support talented musicians and bands in bringing their music to the stage. We want to support bands who aim to move from hobby into semi-professionalism or the full breakthrough into professionalism.’’

What is the philosophy of Souls Of Rock?
Daniel: ,,The philosophy is actually based on three pillars. Pillar one is clothing for which we are working with German and Swiss designers and of course we are working and endorsing bands. Pillar two is that 10% of every sale we make from pillar one, the clothing, flows directly into the Souls Of Rock Foundation and that is something unique. Pillar three is that we want to be the first label to introduce sustainable clothing in the rock ‘n’ roll scene.’’

What are you doing for a band as a foundation?
Scott: ,,We support tours, we support stage decoration, photo shootings and video productions so it all goes in the direction of live appearances and professionalism. We want the band to get out on tour so they become known but they have to fulfill certain criteria. They already must have achieved something before we step in. They must have a proven record.’’

What is the meaning of the name, the idea behind the name?
Daniel: ,,We were brainstorming and to us souls of rock stands for us, the rock bands the rock scene. It is not about an individual person but the rock and also metal community as a whole.’’

Are you looking for bands yourself or are bands coming to you?

Daniel: ,,For the foundation we are not searching, bands should come to us. As we are only one year old we are interested to get as many bands with perfect and interesting concepts as possible but we are not actively searching for bands.’’

How long do you support a band? Is there a time limit?
Scott: ,,They apply for one specific project. Like a tour, and if they tour again later they have to apply again.’’
Daniel: ,,If a band has a new album and they need new stage decoration, they need for roughly 1,5 year. Or they need a video for a specific song. The funding is limited to 5000 euro’s per project.’’

Is Souls Of Rock also directing bands, advising them or is that not your role?
Scott: ,,That is not our plan and it is not the goal of the foundation. If they approach me personally I will gladly tell them about my experiences but we are not telling them what to do.’’
Daniel: We have had various examples over the last year where it was clear that certain bands saw the foundation as a way to get easy money. This is definitely the wrong approach. We are expecting the bands to read our requirements and to receive a professional application.
Our committee consists of people with different backgrounds, providing the bands advise could be a possible future approach but that is clearly not planned yet.’’

Is Souls Of Rock only interested in Swiss bands?
Scott: ,,Not only Swiss bands, we are absolutely interested in international bands as well but there are conditions that you can find on our website We want to support bands who aim to move from hobby into semi professionalism or the full breakthrough into professionalism.’’

Interested bands should keeping an eye on the Souls Of Rock website because closing date for funding applications is November 11th. HeadBangers LifeStyle will keep you updated!

Check out Souls Of Rock Foundation website, Souls Of Rock website and Souls Of Rock Foundation Facebook page


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