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With Angelica Rylin (singer of The Murder Of My Sweet)

There are countless female fronted rock and metal bands out there, but the Swedish four-piece The Murder Of My Sweet hails a slightly different musical approach, by using inspiration from movie scores, film noir and musicals. Above that they have a singer who prefers singing in pop style rather than the obvious female fronted classical style. The new fourth studio album `Echoes Of The Aftermath’ will see the day of light at 27 January 2017, a CD worth checking out and a reason to talk to front lady Angelica Rylin. But music is just a slight part of this conversation, because HeadBangers LifeStyle wants to know all about Miss Rylin’s beauty, fashion and lifestyle behaviour.

Do you consider yourself a fashion and/or make-up junkie?
,,I admire fashion junkies. I so wish I were one. Sometimes I even have a bit of a `fashion complex’ because I have some friends who are working in the fashion industry and they always dress so good, wearing the right clothes and looking like super models. I probably have quite a good taste in clothes but being around those people makes me kind of  `fashion envy’ [laughing]. I consider myself more a make-up junkie actually.’’

Is a good appearance important to you?
,,I don’t think that you necessary have to wear expensive clothes or tons of make-up to have a good appearance. I think it is more important that you look healthy and clean, because that means you respect yourself and also the people around you. Personally I do love to dress nicely, to prep my hair and use make-up. But when I am at home, I don’t want to have a fully booked schedule. I just want to feel relaxed and I mainly wear my yoga pants and a sweater. I like to settle down, watch a movie or a bunch of episodes on Netflix and have a cup of tea or coffee. When I go out to work or on stage I like to experiment with make-up, my hair, clothes, eye lashes and be more expressive. It’s fun.’’

What is your, Angelica Rylin, make-up signature?
,,Definitely my eyeliner. I rarely do make-up without eyeliner. I think I am an eyeliner junkie [laughing]. When I have a photo-shoot, doing a music video or when I am on stage, I always use red lipstick as well as my signature.’’

What are you favourite make-up products?
,,I always use Bare Minerals foundation. It is really good for my skin because there are only natural minerals in it and no strange chemicals. It also looks very natural and very sheer, because it covers everything. I have a fairly light and thin skin, maybe it is very Swedish, so this foundation is very easy and nice on my skin. I always buy a new one before my old one is empty because I don’t want to run out of it [laughing]. When I am home I only use a nice, gel cream, which is rich of vitamin C and antioxidants, so my skin looks super smooth because of using it.’’

What is the best make-up tip you ever got?
,,The secret of having a great make-up on starts with a good moisturized skin from the inside. So drink a lot of water, because if you have a dry skin it is very hard for the make-up to stay on your skin and to look fresh. Moisture is my best friend. I drink a lot of water and I eat a lot of blue berries because they have a lot of antioxidants, which are good for your skin too.’’

What is your solution for a bad hair day?
,,Dry shampoo and a hair brush and you look ready to go.’’

What do we mainly find in your wardrobe?
,,I have an obsession with many objects, like shoes, bags etc., but you find lots of dresses, jackets and coats in my wardrobe. I just love them. I have bought dresses I haven’t even worn yet. Because they look so good I wait for the perfect opportunity to wear them, but sometimes that opportunity never comes.’’

Where do you mainly buy your clothes?
,,It is very easy to find my clothing online and I have a few favourite websites I check. But if I want something specific I Google it until I find it. Although I never buy trousers on line because I have hips, an ass and thighs, so I find it difficult to find the right pants.’’

Who inspires you as an artist but also in appearance?
,,People who dare to be different, who dare to be true to themselves and dare to express themselves, are very inspiring. Like Freddy Mercury, he was an expert in expressing himself and enjoying it. Also Lady GAGA knows how to express herself and doesn’t really care what everybody else thinks of her outfits. It is a type of mind-set more people should apply.’’

Are you a sporty type of girl or lazy couch type of girl?
,,I hate watching sports on TV and I hate running but I do appreciate a good spinning class to really get sweaty. But honestly I am more of a `couch potato’ who really enjoys watching a bunch of episodes in a row on Netflix [laughing]. But I try to make it up by walking and biking as much as I can to get my every day exercise. For that matter I love power walking.’’

Why should people buy `Echoes Of The Aftermath’, the new The Murder Of My Sweet cd?
,,There are tons of female fronted bands around but I really think we bring something unique to the table. We find a lot of influences and inspiration from movie scores and musicals. I think that we still are quite unique in that sense when it comes to orchestrations and how we compose our songs. I think many people appreciate our sound because we are not like every other female fronted band. So a good reason to check us out if you haven’t yet.’’

How do you prepare yourself for a tour and a show with the band?
,,It is very mentally for me. I need to feel comfortable and prepared and the best way for me to do that is to focus mentally on what I need to do. Do we travel or are we going into the studio? We work very much in periods; a couple of months here and then do something else for a couple of months. I have a few vocal exercises that I can do daily and which are natural and easy for my voice to stay in shape. Singing is like a marathon and you can’t do that unprepared. You have to warm up your voice and I like to do that a couple of weeks ahead just to be ready for a tour or a recording.’’

Who is Angelica Rylin on stage?
,,Five minutes before I go on stage, I always get super nervous, but the very second I step out on stage and greet the audience or pick up the microphone, it is all gone. That is also a way for me to build up some energy to be really present when the time comes. On stage I feel confident, in the moment and very present. I think I am a quite strong and goal oriented woman in that way. I really want to put on a good show and I have lots of energy. I take in the feel of the room and the audience and then we start to create something together. It is like a big wave that moves between the audience and me. It makes me feel even more empowered and strong.’’

What has been rotating lately on your IPod or CD player?
,,This has nothing to do with rock at all but the past two weeks I have been listening to Ed Sheeran. This music is nice for in the background, when you work or being busy at home. He has a brilliant voice actually.’’

What series are you hooked on at the moment?
,,I am really into `Stranger Things’, that is a must see! And I recently started watching `Westworld’, so two very interesting TV series with great production value.’’

What did you learn as a songwriter over the years?
,,To be true to myself. When you look deep into yourself and find your deepest emotions, listen to what is in there that wants to come out, that is probably when you will write the best songs.’’

Which song you wish you would have written?
,,I feel that all the time [laughing], but ,,Bohemian Rhapsody’’ of Queen for sure. A true classic, an epic and timeless!’’

For who would you like to write a song?
,,I always had a thing for 30 Seconds To Mars and their singer, guitarist Jared Leto. It would be amazing if he gave me a phonecall…… Or Johnny Depp. He is an amazing singer and guitar player.’’

What is your life motto?
,,Be always true to yourself. It is something I came to realize more and more the older I get and the more experienced I get. From great successes till huge mistakes that you do, what it always comes down to is always be true to yourself. Always stand for what you do, so even if you mess up at least you did something you believed it was the right thing to do at that moment.’’

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