With Isis Queen (singer of Barb Wire Dolls)

Rock ‘n roll, punk band Barb Wire Dolls has been acting like a true `Do It Yourself’ band since they started in 2010, just like the first punk movement did during the seventies and early eighties. Hardly with any money but with a strong believe in rock ‘n roll, the five-piece worked their way up from the gutter of Greece to clubs in Los Angeles and worldwide (festival) stages. But Barb Wire Dolls not only got noticed for their raw, loud and distorted, but honest music, also singer and wild child Isis Queen is hard to ignore. This punk chick pur sang enchants their growing fan base with a dynamic stage presence, rebellious and sexy outfits and a very pretty and remarkable appearance that even reminds of a young Debbie Harry. After releasing 2 albums, 1 EP and 2 split singles on their own, it was Lemmy Kilmister who finally took the band under his wing and sealed a record deal for his brand new label Motörhead Records. Barb Wire Dolls just released the new cd `Desperate’ on which the band is determined to keep the flame of rock ‘n roll burning. HeadBangers LifeStyle talks with Isis Queen about the new album and she also gives some inside about her make-up, fashion and lifestyle behaviour.

(photo by Michelle X Star)

Do you consider yourself a fashion/make-up junkie? 
,,I don’t think so… I mean my style came out of being anti-fashion. Recently my style came into “fashion”, so I suppose I’m good with timing in the fashion world.’’

How would you describe your make-up and clothing style? Do you invest a lot of time and money in it?
,,Luckily my band has the greatest fans in the world and so I’m always given gifts and clothes from them, which I then re-style to make it work for me. I can get away with wearing pretty much anything because I play in a band so I don’t have any rules with my look.’’

What do we mainly find in your wardrobe? What are your favourite items?
,,High heels; I have no real balance in flats and I hate platforms. Its’ all about balance for me and high heels move with my feet.’’

Do you want to make a statement with your appearance?
,,I think that’s the point of clothes in general. Everyone cares what they wear and how they look to the other person. Even when you decided to look like you “don’t care”, you’re still making that statement.’’

What make-up and beauty products do you use (regular) and which ones you can’t live without?
,,I only use Alexis Vogel Cosmetics. I have sensitive skin and for years I’ve gone through hundreds of different brands to finally find the Holy Grail in make-up. Alexis Vogel is a celebrity make-up artist and her line of cosmetics is the real deal. She has the right consistency in foundation, the right pigments in eye shadow, kiss proof lipstick and it’s all totally affordable.’’

Did your make-up behaviour change over the years?
,,Oh, yes. As the music changes so do I. My make-up has gotten much more dramatic. But I am also smarter on what I put on my face.’’

What are your best make-up tips?
,,When I’m on stage I move, dance and head bang constantly. I’ve perfected the art of smudge proof lipstick. Even though Alexis Vogel has an amazing line of nude colour lipsticks, her “seductress” red is my favourite colour on the market. Apply a lip stain, wait to dry. Apply the lipstick; press your lips with toilet paper until no colour shows on the paper. Apply lipstick a second time and repeat the toilet pressing. Voila! No need for lipstick pencils when using the lip satin and it lasts longer.‘’

Who inspires you as an artist; musically, stage performance, style wise (make-up, clothing)?
,,No one in particular but everyone at the same time. I’m inspired by my social surroundings. The people, the attitudes…, a lot of it having to do with the first wave of Punk back in the 70’s. A style came out of there that was so different and unique and so were the people. It takes courage to stick out and be your own person in a world of conformists.’’

Do you take it as a compliment when people compare you with Debbie Harry of Blondie?
,,Sure! Debbie had a very unique style. She copied Andy Warhol’s hair and made it her own, which enviably started a huge trend.  She also wasn’t afraid to be sexy and feminine while luring you in with a swagger attitude and almost masculine confidence.’’

Do you consider yourself a sex symbol or a role model for a new generation?
,,Someone has to be. I started the band because there were no real women to look up to in rock ‘n roll. I’m just being my true self and there is an importance in who that person is.’’

(Photo by Paul Mallet)

What is Barb Wire Dolls in your opinion all about?
,,The music. We are a band first and foremost. Everything else is just a part of the experience.’’

What do you like the most of being part of Barb Wire Dolls?
,,The freedom to be who I wish to be. Most people don’t know who they are and what they want to do with their lives, neither did I before I started the band. But then I started focusing on myself and allowing my own style to create itself. Once you stop looking to be or look like other people and you find the confidence to re-create yourself, then find a healthy respect that wasn’t there before and you find answers to your questions.’’

What keeps the motor of Barb Wire Dolls running, even in bad times?
,,The fans which we call ‘The Street Generation’. They house us, feed us, sometimes clothe us and remind us that we are not alone and that there is purpose to our music.’’

How do you prepare for a show and a tour?
,,Lots of sex.’’

What gives you the adrenaline rush on stage?
,,The crowd. We are feeding off each other’s energy constantly.’’

How has the impact been on the band, being signed by Motörhead Records/UDR after years of do it your self?
,,Lemmy believed in our band and our music. That alone was the biggest compliment to keep a band going. His wish was to have Barb Wire Dolls on his label because he understood the importance of the new wave of rock ‘n roll that keeps the flame burning. Lemmy was a true innovator. Lemmy is God!’’

What would you like to say about your brand new CD `Desperate’?
,,We are all desperate for something. Music is the release to the fears and doubts that we have. We find guidance in the lyrics and answers in the beat. `Desperate’ was our answer to our frustrations. It is not easy being a DIY band. You sleep on floors, go days without showering, eat whatever is available and live like a total nomad with other band mates that you struggle to find harmony with sometimes. We went two and a half years of full underground touring without stopping! Lived out of our van and other people’s houses and floors for over 700 shows in those few years. But then music is created and it is all worthwhile.’’

What is your advise to unsigned bands?
,,Be confident with who you are. You don’t need a label behind you. You need fans. Fans make it all happen. When you are strong with who you are then others will connect and wish to fuel your fire.’’

(Photo left by Christopher Stets)

How does your perfect day off looks like?
,,A perfect day off will consist of me with a surf board and my band mates in the water catching some juicy waves together.’’

What is your life motto?
,,There is a place for you and your ideas. Don’t become a number in this society that we live in. Stand out and be strong in your expressions. Inspire people and help them inspire others. Make Riot Not War.’’

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