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German/Korean singer Ji-In Cho made her entrance in the metal scene in 2004 when she became the lead singer of the symphonic, gothic metal band Krypteria. The band was successfully active until 2012 and gained worldwide success by releasing 6 albums, a bunch of singles and various tours and gigs. Ji-In Cho and her band members had it really going during the successful wave of female fronted metal era but the band decided to take a break. After a hiatus of 4 years, early this year Ji-In Cho announced to be back in business with the new band And Then She Came, joined by her old Krypteria palls. Ji-In is still a beautiful appearance and HeadBangers LifeStyle asked the singer about her make-up, beauty and lifestyle routine.

Are you a make-up and fashion junkie?
,,Not really. Actually I am more the comfortable type of girl. Don’t get me wrong, I want to look good but I just don’t like it too complicated.’’

What are your favourite beauty and make-up products?
,,Besides water and soap [laughing], facial cream, eyeliner and mascara.’’

Do you use specific products because you are Asian?
,,Not really. Sometimes I use products of the Japanese brand Shiseido, not because I am Asian, but because they have real good products. Actually a few times when we were doing a video and a photo shoot I experienced not every make-up artist is used to work with an Asian face. I am used to my own face but I guess it can be different for some make-up artists. I go to a special hair stylist who knows how to treat and to cut my hair. It is the only person who can do my hair like I want. At home I use hair products of Tigi and I can really recommend their shampoo.’’

What is your solution for a bad hair day?
,,I love hats so that is a good solution for me. Actually I am a bit lazy with my hair. When I am on stage you won’t notice I hope. I then give everything I have to represent the best aspects of myself, but private I am such a comfortable and lazy person, it is really to be ashamed [laughing].’’

Did your make-up behaviour change over the years?
,,Yes! I definitely need more sleep [laughing]. If I don’t get enough sleep I have to use different facial creams and a concealer just to look fresh and to keep my eye shadow in the right place.’’

What is your best make-up tip?
,,Use concealer before apply eye shadow.’’

Who is your role model or style icon, someone who really inspires you?
,,I don’t have a real role model. I find a lot of women fantastic and there are a lot of wonderful, powerful and beautiful women out there but what looks beautiful on them doesn’t look beautiful on me. I will not fit in their shoes, because I am totally different and there is nothing I can do about it. So I just try to find something I feel comfortable with.’’

How would you describe your appearance on stage?
,,I don’t really think about it. The main point for me is to be one with the music and to let out everything that I feel when we are together as a band playing our music and to feel the energy and the experience we had during the writing process. Just let it out and get connected with the audience.’’

What gives you the adrenaline rush as an artist?
,,When I hear the crowd in front of the stage. I almost feel if I am on drugs [laughing].’’

What are you most proud of?
,,That I am working again with my `old boys’. I really appreciate it, more than ever. And that we are friends, that we can work together and we are such a great team! I really hope that we are going to stay like this.’’

What is the hardest lesson you learned during your career?
,,I had to learn it is not only about music. It really is a hard business. There are so many people who want to get some profit and who pretend to be your friend, but it is all about money. It is about marketing and that was a hard lesson to learn and really hard to realise. I have to admit I was a little bit naïve when I started but now I know better.’’

How do you like to spend your free time?
,,Since I became a mother I don’t have much time-off for myself. I have 2 passions and those cost a lot of time; music and being a mother. But if I have a moment for myself I really like to watch a movie or read a book.’’

Do you find it easy to combine being a mom with a career in music?
,,To be honest for me it is not so easy. I already know I will travel with one crying and one laughing eye, because I know I won’t take my child with me all the time. It is really always two fights for me. But all I can do is to manage it as good as I can. Fortunately I can count on my family and without them I couldn’t do it. My band gives me energy and only the band is a good reason to go away from my family, nothing else.’’

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