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With Margarita Monet, singer of Edge Of Paradise

Edge Of Paradise is a relatively young band from Los Angeles (USA), formed in 2011 by singer Margarita Monet and guitarist Dave Bates, but already made name for themselves in the hard rock and heavy metal scene. Starting with having well-known bass player Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, The Firm) and drummer Gregg Bissonette (David lee Roth Band) on board on their debut album `Mask’ (2011) and now working together with the legendary producer Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Skid Row, Megadeth) for the new, second release `Immortal Waltz’ means another milestone in the career of the band. Margarita Monet, is a strong and gorgeous appearance and a very creative and dedicated artist who knows what she wants. Margarita is happy to talk with HBLS not only about the new CD but also about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. And so are we…

Do you consider yourself a fashion and make-up junkie?
,,I’m a creative junkie [smiling]. Being in a band we strive to create a world that people can be a part of, not just musically but visual as well! And fashion and make-up is a great tool to do that! I love experimenting with different looks, I love having the freedom to express myself through music and being on stage there are no limits to creativity! Plus it’s so much, it’s like Halloween every day.’’ [laughing]

What do you consider as the typical Margarita Monet make-up/style signature? 
,,A mix of rock ‘n roll with a bit of gothic fashion, edgy but classy. I love blending leather, and lace with some bold accessories like belts and chains! I mostly wear black with accent colours like red, silver or gold. I usually wear my hair down, bring out the eyes with the make-up and blood red lips!’’

How would you describe yourself as an artist on stage with your band Edge Of Paradise? 
,,I’m the puppet master [laughing]! Well I’m very expressive on stage and I put my heart and soul into each song and just let loose. As a band we’re such a tight group, we have great chemistry and feed off of each other’s energy. Our show is very dynamic, theatrical, but most of all we want to be honest and express the music. It’s funny because in every day life I’m pretty quiet. Many people that know me are shocked after seeing me on stage, I’m full of surprises.’’ [smiling]

What is the reason you make a lot of your stage clothing and video outfits yourself?  
,,Just like with music I want the look to be unique and original. Plus I love to make stuff, like for our new video ,,Shade Of Crazy’’ I made the headpiece to help create the mood, embody the crazy voice in my head. [smiling] I raided Dave’s toolbox, found some cool looking nails and screws! I love customizing with different chains, spikes, studs, feathers, fringe, fabrics… for stage outfits; you can get really creative with that stuff!’’

What is your worst clothing and make-up blooper? And on what outfit are you most proud of?  
,,Sometimes when you look in the mirror it looks great, but then when you see it on photos or in a video you’re like `what was I thinking’! I definitely had those moments! When we first started performing, I had these high waist pants that were flared at the bottom and they were spandex. It looked like a bad 70s outfit, so I never did that again [laughing]. With make-up, it’s always tough to find lipstick that doesn’t get smeared all over your face after the show and that happened to me quiet a few times and having guys in the band they’re no help [laughing]. Lately I’ve been in love with LA Splash Cosmetics, they got great liquid lipstick that stays put!
I’m most proud of the headpiece I created for the video, I think it came out pretty unique looking and my latest stage outfit; it’s a very unique fabric with a cool texture that reflects the light. I also added fringe to the sleeves and modified the cut of the top. It looks like I have wings, it is edge, gothic, and feminine and it’s fun to wear on stage!’’

What items do we find mainly in your wardrobe? 
,,Leather pants, skirts, shorts and I got some cool silver jeans I like. Also lots of black blouses and tops. I like finding styles with unique cuts and deep colours that you don’t see very often. I also have a lot of dresses, mostly black or red, but I don’t wear those very often! And jackets, I love a leather jacket, I have a few in different styles and colours. A great jacket can transform any outfit and make it edgy and stylish! Oh and some belts of course.’’

Who is (are) your role model (s) when it comes to beauty and fashion and why? 
,,Growing up I loved Audrey Hepburn, the effortless look that’s both feminine and effortless, I think her style is classy and timeless! I also like Doro’s and Joan Jett’s edgy style!’’

Who is (are) your role model (s) when it come to music? 
,,Ronnie James Dio, Robert Plant, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Freddie Mercury, they are all icons, have their distinct sound and created something that can withstand the test of time. I love singers that sing with emotion, attitude and conviction!’’

What make-up and beauty products do you use as an artist?  
,,I use Manic Panic hair dye to enhance the red in my hair, I like bright bold colours, sometimes I put some black or purple, it looks cool on stage! For make-up I use LA Splash Cosmetics and House Of Beauty lip products, they are smaller companies that make really great products! I don’t really wear foundation, just a bit of Maybelline concealer, I like to use eyeliner I get different ones from the drugstore, like NYX Cosmetics. For eye shade I love Manic Panic shadows, they stay on all day and have very unique colours!  And of course, mascara! I like Covergirl or L’Oréal mascaras. For our upcoming music video ,,Alive’’ I went pretty crazy with the Cover FX highlighter, I covered my whole neck and chest, it’s a sci-fi themed video, so it worked out pretty well.’’ [smiling]

Do you have different make-up behaviour in private circumstances and did your make-up behaviour change over the years?
,,I actually don’t wear make-up everyday, just when I’m performing, going out or doing a shoot or interview. That has been kind of the case for a while now. I started performing since I was about 5 years old, so as a kid I associated make-up with being on stage. Of course as I got older I started experimenting more, but mostly with lipsticks and eye shadows, but I keep it pretty simple in daily life. But when I’m on stage I go all out, I love playing with colours, textures, highlighters, eyeliners, that’s part of the art.’’ [smiling]

Do you have a good make-up/beauty tip for us?
,,It all starts from within. You got to take care of your skin and hair, eat healthy, always wash your face before bed. I like to use some coconut oil on my skin and hair. I sometimes make raw honey or plain yogurt masks (does wonders to your skin) but find whatever you like to keep your skin nourished and hydrated, because if you’re healthy, you’ll be radiant and then make-up will enhance it even more!’’

How do you keep your long hair healthy and what is your remedy for a bad hair day? 
,,I eat a lot of avocados, I love them! They got fats that are good for your hair, also protein like chicken or fish keep your hair strong. I never use heat on my hair. After I wash it I put some hair oil and when it’s almost dry I put it in a bun for a few hours. When you take it out, your hair is sleek and gives a bit of a curl, so no need for straighteners or curling tools! I think the less you mess with your hair the longer it will grow! If you’re having a bad hairday, just put it in a side braid, that style fits everyone and it’s super easy to do!’’

How do you deal with a `make-up hangover’ after long touring or late night events? 
,,Sometimes I can’t wait till I wash my face and scrub everything off! There are always facemasks but most of the time on tour, after the show, I just want to go to bed as fast as possible! So I just bring some coconut oil or good face cream. I like the line Caudalie, it’s a bit pricey but their night cream works wonders! Also drinking lots of water and adding vitamin C to it makes a big difference! Lately I’ve also been drinking ginger root tea, it makes you feel really good! Just cut up some ginger and put it in hot water, drink it throughout the day and your skin will look amazing!’’

How do you prepare yourself for a show? 
,,I try to get good rest as best as I can and stay hydrated. It doesn’t take me long to get dressed and put on make-up, I know what I’m going to wear ahead of time and sometimes when the shows are really far apart and we’re driving long distances and are barely making it on time, I have to get ready on the go, takes some skill!’’ [laughing]

Is being in a band a lifestyle for you? 
,,Definitely and everything I do everyday is to move this band forward. We’re always working on new music and working on the visuals, like posters, our website, social media etc. Rehearsing, we always are looking for ways to evolve our live show to make it as exciting as possible, so yes it’s definitely a lifestyle, not an easy one, but we all love it!’’

Were you always determined to become an artist? 
,,Yes! I grew up in Moscow, Russia and I was surrounded by art. My mom used to take me to theatres, shows, concerts from as early as I could walk and eventually I started performing myself. I was in theatre, ballet, music, it was always a part of my life and I never imagined doing anything else!’’

Is it so far what you expected to be? 
,,I don’t think I ever had any concrete expectations. I was taught that you have to work very hard on your art and even as a kid I practiced all day long, weather it was piano or ballet. I knew that nothing is easy and you have to put the time in. It was a great lesson and I do this because I love it. If you approach it this way, then you enjoy the journey and any success is even more rewarding.’’

What makes you and your band different in your opinion from other female fronted bands in the metal scene? 
,,There are lots of great bands out there! I think what makes us unique is our backgrounds. Dave brings the heavy metal side to the music and he is a phenomenal guitarist and I bring my classical and theatrical background and we figured out how to merge them in a way that compliments each other. Also we all have great chemistry with our bass player Nick and drummer John. I think it’s the different pieces of the puzzle that all fit together in a unique way that’s been working for us!’’

You recently released your second album `Immortal Waltz’ and released the video ,,Shade Of Crazy’’’. What can you tell about this adventure? 
,,Releasing `Immortal Waltz’ was a great milestone for us, ever since Dave and I formed the band we’ve been trying to find the sound that defined Edge Of Paradise and I think we did it with `Immortal Waltz’. Also working with the legendary Michael Wagener was one of the most inspiring experiences! We really put our heart and soul into each song on the album and we’re really proud of it. ,,Shade Of Crazy’’ marks an evolution in our sound that we’re really excited about! It’s important for us that we keep evolving and creating exciting music! We’ve been experimenting with a heavier more industrial and upbeat sound, and we’ve been working with Chuck Johnson who was behind Korn and Slipknot, so it’s pretty exciting to see where the new music takes us!’’

What else is going on in camp Edge Of Paradise?  
,,We just got back from our East Coast tour and we are getting ready to release a new single/video ,,Alive’’! It’s my favourite song so far, so we’re pretty excited! We have more shows and tours coming up that we’ll be announcing soon, including plans to come to Europe in the spring/summer of 2017!’’

What are the best lessons you have learned over the years as an artist and you would like to give to others?
,,Don’t chase trends, because they come and go! Create something that’s honest and that you are really proud of, and people will catch on! And don’t forget to practice.’’ [smiling]

What is your life motto? 
,,Do it because you love it and enjoy every part of the journey, it goes by fast!’’
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