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L.A. based vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey look stunning from head to toe but when they open their mouths they in fact open the gate to hell. These gorgeous babes tour their cute little asses off with their band Butcher Babies and `Take It Like A Man’ on their latest release. While grunting, growling and raging like a madman and slaughtering the audience with extreme metal they take you to dark places without any mercy. Heidi and Carla are working really hard to live their dream and don’t take anything for granted.

Carla (l) and Heidi (r), Photo: Century Media Records

How much time do you need to get ready for a show? Do you have a specific beauty ritual?
Heidi: ,,It differs day to day. I typically like to give myself two hours to just relax and get into the headspace. Hair and make-up can usually only take about thirty minutes, however I like to take my time and move as slowly as possible. Sometimes, you’ll find me asleep in my bunk an hour before showtime. Carla and I like to get ready together while listening to gangster rap or whatever we fancy that day. It’s kind of our time together where the boys know not to bother us.’’ 
Carla: ,,To be honest, we could get ready in twenty minutes in a pinch but we really enjoy the ritual of preparing for a show and we love doing it together. Preferably I like to start an hour and a half before a show so I can leisurely put on my make up, do my hair, get dressed etc. while mentally preparing myself for the set. I don’t like to be stressed because it puts me in the wrong headspace to perform. While we are getting ready we pump everything from Rammstein to gangster rap. We usually throw in some gossiping too and really just enjoy that time together before we hit the stage. I think that pre show connection we have is essential to our connection on stage.’’

Which beauty products are your life saviours after a late night party and how do you deal with a hangover?
Heidi: ,,After a late night party session I would say that concealer is my best friend. For the most part though we take it pretty easy on the road. If we have a show the next day we are on our best behaviour. For those uncontrollable wild nights though Ibuprofen is our best friend the next day. Either that or I’ve been known to just sleep all day to ward off any hangover.’’
Carla: ,,After partying you’re usually dehydrated so if I must go out and look presentable I’ll start with an icepack on my eyes and then use a hydrating mask followed up by my eye cream and lotion. And of course my under eye concealer is essential!’’

Best make-up tips you ever got? And which beauty products/beauty tools are your favourite?
Heidi: ,,During tour my skin tone changes quite a bit due to weather. I tan really easily in the sun; so during the summer my skin is naturally darker. In the winter it’s naturally much lighter. In order to not have to constantly change my foundation to match my skin I’ve taken on using my foundation on my neck and chest as well. To keep it all blended. Nothing more cringe worthy than going on stage with face make-up a completely different colour than your skin. Seeing as we sweat A LOT on stage the brand of make-up is really important. It needs to be able to withstand all the heat and sweat. I like to start off with a Mac Cosmetics base, which adds a layer of silicon under the make-up. Which in turn makes it look smooth, helps it stay on and makes it much easier to remove later on. Mac also has a really good powder that keeps the matte look throughout the show.’’
Carla: ,,It may sound cliché but the best tip is to drink lots of water and get enough sleep. When you are hydrated and well rested the make-up you do wear goes on smoother. I also use great cleansing products and have a skin care regimen (It is never too early to protect your skin) that I am very strict about, whether I am on the road or at home. I start by cleansing with Purity gel cleanser and my clarisonic MIA. Then I use skinceuticals metacell renewal as a serum (since I have dark skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation it addresses that), algenist complete eye renewal balm, followed by Neutrogena clear skin lotion/sunblock. Sunblock is essential for everyone! As far as make-up, the look I LOVE on a daily basis is flawless skin and strong brows and there are a few products I can’t live without to help achieve that. I have had dark circles under my eyes my whole life and Bobbi Brown concealer in natural tan is the only concealer I have found that covers and hydrates! It’s perfect! I’m also addicted to Urban Decay Naked foundation, I use shade 8.0. Great eyebrows are essential to me. I use Zoey Van Jones eyebrow pencil in the darkest shade and then fill them in with Anastasia dipbrow pomade in ebony.’’ 

Who is your style icon or role model and why?
Heidi: ,,I’ve always been a huge fan of Gwen Stefani. Her style is always top notch and above the rest. Ever since I was a kid I found myself gravitating to her style and stage presence.’’ 
Carla: ,,My style icon is Sophia Loren…she was a very feline beauty…all eyes and cheekbones; and she was so proud of being feminine and having great curves! I think we live in a time when a lot of women are afraid to be proud of their sexuality for fear of being shamed for it. I think women should embrace their feminity again.’’

What is your solution for a bad hair day?
Heidi: ,,For the most part I walk around on tour with my hair in a top knot. For stage we mess it up so fast that it’s become the least of my worries. Fresh hair lasts only a couple of seconds on stage. Between the sweat, head banging and constant abuse, I more so than not, have bad hair days.’’ 
Carla: ,,My bad hair day solution is simple: Pig tails or a braid usually does the trick. Or I’ll throw on a super cute beanie. Clip in extensions are also great! They are super easy to use and add an extra flair.’’

What is typical Carla?
Carla: ,,I’ve been the same my whole life. Long black hair, cut off shorts, big black boots, vintage t-shirt. Fringe. And a scowl. Haha!’’

What is typical Heidi?
Heidi: ,,I typically walk around without any make-up, hair on top of my head and in my pyjamas most of the day. Staying comfy before a show is really important to me. Also, I’m not afraid for people to see what I really look like. (Which, let me tell you, is much different with & without make up.) Over the years I’ve grown comfortable in my own skin. This would have been a whole different story five or six years ago.’’ 

Which Disney character do you compare yourself to the most?
Heidi: ,,I would say Sleeping Beauty because I’m always napping. HA! But, obviously with the red hair, I get compared to Ariel from the little mermaid the most.’’ 
Carla: ,,To be honest Disney was never really my thing, even as a kid. I was playing with Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe rather than dreaming of being a Disney princess. So there is really not a character I’d compare myself with.’’

Do you put a lot of effort in staying in shape, also during touring?
Heidi: ,,With the stage show that we have it’s crucial that we stay in great shape. I also grew up an athlete so for me exercise is also a bit of a therapeutic experience as well. Keeping a healthy mind and body on the road is very important for our happiness and well-being. People will always see us working out in the parking lot during the days before shows. My workout plan usually consists of a ton of cardio. This helps with my endurance on stage and gives me a chance to reflect on things in my own head while my body does the work.’’ 
Carla: ,,Staying in shape is important on and off the road. For me weight lifting really helps me with mental stress in addition to helping me stay in shape. None of us could do the show we do without being in shape. It requires a ton of stamina and strength.’’ 

 Photo: Century Media Records 

What items do we find mainly in your wardrobe?
Heidi: ,,I wear a lot of BlackMilk clothing and Affliction clothing. Our good friend, Jessica at Peepshow Clothing, does such a great job at customizing our stage wear. At home, my wardrobe usually consists of black tank tops and jeans. Really simple and easy. When I have to get dressed up for any reason, however, I’m a super girly girl. I love to wear heels and dresses and skirts. My closet is half high heels. I am obsessed with shoes. It’s probably to the point of being unhealthy. Haha. Then again, what girl doesn’t? Jewellery wise, I am obsessed with Diamond Inked pieces. The tattoo artist, Freddy Negrete, made his legendary designs into diamond and gold pieces. The pendants are very rock n’ roll yet elegantly gorgeous that they go with everything. I also wear HEET bracelets for every occasion. Whether it’s on stage or a night out, those are my go-to’s.’’
Carla: ,,In my wardrobe you will find boots, boots and more boots. I’m hopelessly addicted to cowboy boots, spiked boots, combat boots! I also love mini dresses, and leather jackets. I also have a vintage t-shirt collection ranging from Iron Maiden to the Plasmatics that I adore.’’ 

How do you like to spend your money?
Heidi: ,,Truthfully, I am a bargain shopper. I rarely spend money on shopping. I prefer to spend my hard earned cash on experiences. Creating memories is so much more important to me than material goods. I love to go out with friends, have some drinks, go to shows, take road trips, etc. These are the things that are most important to me.’’ 
Carla: ,,First off, we aren’t at a point in our lives where we have much money. We’ve all had to give up a lot to live our dream. Most of my money goes to life necessities but with the little I have left over I’ve tried to spend more on experiences lately rather than “things” that I wont use or don’t need. BUT that said…I do have that boot addiction. I absolutely cannot resist a killer pair of boots!’’ 

What gives you the biggest adrenaline rush with Butcher Babies?
Heidi: ,,Being on stage is the biggest adrenaline rush. Seeing peoples faces react to the music and the live show is such a rush. Before I started playing live in bands, I was the kid in the pit losing my mind. So, to see other kids just like me, expelling all of their emotions into the pit, ignites that in me as well.’’ 
Carla: ,,There is no bigger adrenaline rush for me than walking out on stage with my band for a show. I hope that feeling never goes away.’’

What does your perfect lazy Sunday look like?
Heidi: ,,I think it’s safe to say that my lazy Sunday would be sleeping all day. Watching movies, TV, Netflix, etc. My ultimate goal would be to live in my pyjamas all day long. Then at night, crack open a bottle of wine and do it all over again.’’ 
Carla: ,,My perfect Sunday would be waking up to a perfect iced Americano and an egg white omelette and having the whole day to draw or paint uninterrupted.’’

Which bands or songs are rotating on your IPod lately?
Heidi: ,,I have a very wide taste for music. I can vibe out to pretty much anything. The past couple of years, however, I’ve been taking it back old school to gangster rap. There’s something very powerful and inspiring about the honesty of the music. Not like how rap is today. Early on, they had a lot to say and weren’t afraid of what anyone thought. I can most definitely relate to that.’’ 
Carla: ,,I’ve been on a nineties girl band kick…Babes in Toyland, L7, Hole, PJ Harvey’’

What is your life motto?
Heidi: ,,Mine would be: “Why Not?” Too many people let fear get in the way of their dreams and goals. I adopted this motto years ago when I decided to move to Los Angeles. With so much of the world telling us “NO!”, it’s important to take a step back and realize own power to control your destiny.’’ 
Carla: ,,Don’t let anyone tell you no. Be authentically you, and be proud of the things that set you apart from others.’’ —
Watch the official video of ,,Monster Ball”, a track of Butcher Babies latest album `Take It Like A Man’ here:


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