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Q&A: Fall/Winter 2017 make-up trends 2017

New tips & tricks by make-up artist Merit Bertilsson

Do you want to know what kind of make-up is hot and trendy during fall and winter 2017 and what is really not done? HeadBangers LifeStyle asked make-up artist Merit Bertilsson, owner of Make Up Store Eskilstuna (Sweden), two times awarded for best Make Up Store worldwide and one time awarded as best marketer of Eskilstuna (Sweden), to answer the most important questions about what will be hot and trendy at the moment.


Q: In spring/summer less contouring technique was the trend. What form of contouring technique do we see in autumn/winter make-up?
A.: ,,For this season we don’t see that much of contouring actually, but it’s still there only in a smaller amount than before. Although on Instagram it’s still a big hit I must say. Highlighting is big though and it is actually allowed to add more glittery products!’’

Q: Last season a dewy, hydrated, glowing looking skin was big. How do we need to behave with using foundation, powder and concealer in fall/winter?
A: ,,A nice hydrated skin is always a big yes! A hydrated skin is also important to make sure your make-up will stay put for the whole day. But the trend is to keep it all more natural and not to apply a heavy base of foundation and powder. And you should try the big hit this winter: fake freckles! Also apply a little bit powder with a natural glow and you are good to go.’’

Q: Do I need to use a primer or not before applying foundation or BB/CC cream and why?
A: ,,Using a primer is a good solution to make sure your foundation stays put all day. But choose a primer that matches your skin type! If you have a combination/greasy skin type, you should use a powder primer. If you have a more dry skin then a creamy primer is better!’’

Q: Which eye shadow look and colours are we going to use this season?
A.: ,,There are so many nice eye trends this winter/fall! For example: The pink/red eye shadows are the biggest trend at the moment I must say and it’s nice to combine it with a similar shade of blush and lips as well.
Also metallic eyelids are hot! Especially silver, but gold and bronze are a yes too.
We also see a lot of smoky eyes with brownish tones but with soft edges.
Another trend is to put some virgin lip-gloss on your eyelid this season, with or without eye shadow. Using coloured eye shadows is big too, any colour you like, nothing is wrong.
Eyeliner in the globe line is another one, a little flirt with the 60s! And last but not least, winged catty eyeliner in any colour you like are a big trend.’’


Q: Do you have tips how to create great eyelashes?
A.: ,,I like to wear two different mascaras! One “simple” mascara that separates the lashes. Then finish it with a more voluminous mascara to make your lashes look longer without being clumsy. And the most important thing: make sure your eye make-up is done first before applying your mascara. It is good to know that when you apply eye shadow it always falls down a bit. And that is actually perfect for the mascara because that will build up more volume; the eye shadow becomes like a primer for the eye lashes.’’


Q.: What type of lipstick and/or lip-gloss will go with the fall/winter look this time?
A.: ,,The berry lips is the biggest one I think. And if you use a lip pencil take a cotton stick and make it blurrier. The lip liners are not supposed to be obvious lined this time. Gloss: Yes! Lovely with the glosses without colour or very soft pinkish.’’


Q: What is absolute a make-up no-go in fall/winter?
A.: ,,Well, the last season lip-trend, the one that looked like you have eaten spaghetti. Who wants to look like that?’’

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Merit Bertilsson (photo by Kristoffer Gildenlöw) 


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