Tips & tricks by make-up artist Merit Bertilsson

Do you want to know what kind of make-up is hot and trendy during Fall and Winter 2016 and what is really not done? HeadBangers LifeStyle asked make-up artist Merit Bertilsson, owner of Make Up Store Eskilstuna (Sweden) and two times awarded for best Make Up Store worldwide and one time awarded as best marketer of Eskilstuna (Sweden), to answer the most important questions about what will be hot and trendy now the summer and festival season is over.

(Photo: Facebook Make Up Store)

Q. We had shading, highlighting and strobing as important make-up trends this year. What is `hot’ in contouring technique this fall and winter?
A. ,,The contouring trend is still present but it will not be so `heavy’ applied as it was last season. This time contouring will be really soft and toned in combination with lots of luster and a glowing skin, but also more lightweight than before. Also rosy cheeks are hot this season!’’

Q., What foundation behaviour do you recommend, now that we are heading towards the wet, cold and dark season of the year?
A. ,,Just like with contouring also foundation will be very light and definitely not heavy applied this season. Just add some luster to the high spots of your face, like your cheekbones, nose bridge and brow bone as well and you are all set.’’

(Photo: Facebook Make Up Store. Make up by Ida Ekman)

What is the focus for the eyes?
A. ,,The biggest trend for the eyes is definitely smoky eyes, only not perfectly done but more smudgy! It should look like you have been out dancing, rockin’ and headbanging the whole night and your eye make-up have been run down a bit. A must this time is using a black eye pencil in the waterline of your eye, in combination with black eye shadow. If you want to add some colour then copper and petrol colours are hot as well. Using eyeliner is also a big thing this season. You can do it the way you like it but the “new thing’’ is to draw the eyeliner all the way up to your eyebrows.‘’

Q. Are we going for full, heavy eyebrows this season or are we going back to sharp and thin?
A. ,,The eyebrows are still in focus and it is always nice to define them a bit. New this season it to take a clean mascara brush with some clear brow fix and brush them upwards.’’ 

(Ombre effect. Photo Facebook Make Up Store, Internationale Make Up Center)

Q. What kind of lipstick should I use? 
A. ,,After a long trend of Matt lipstick we finally see some gloss again! Well, at least gloss over the lipstick. The lips are well defined with a sharp pencil and there is no room for mistakes here because the lips should be black, deep red or purple. For the brave ones! Also metallic lipstick is huge now!’’

Q. How can I achieve a 3D result with my lipstick?
A. ,,By taking two shades of lipstick, one darker in the outer part of the lips and then use a lighter shade in the middle of your lips, like ombre! Finish with a small amount of gloss in the middle.’’

Q. How can make my lips look bigger?
A. ,,One idea is to use a lip plumper that makes the lips a little more swollen. The best thing to do is to apply the lip plumper 30 minutes before you use all the other lip products. Then apply a light powder over your lips and a little outside your lip line. That trick will make your lip line look fuller and more defined. After that apply a not too dark lip liner on the full lips. If you want to fake your lips bigger, the only part that is ok will be on the upper lips, just one millimetre, not more! And never do it in the cupid’s bow. Finish with applying a nice gloss on top. That will do it!’’

(Photo and Make up by Emelie Granstedt)

Q. How do we match our make-up with our nails this season?
A. ,,Nails are meant to be short this time! Really gone are the longer and spiky nails. Blue colour nail polish is super trendy. Actually the blue eye shadow summer trend will be still present during fall and winter as well. Other colours that definitely will rock your nails are black, purple, green and red, all in deep tones. Matte nail polish is popular too as well as really metallic ones! As a contrast to that, you can have naturally manicured nails which goes along perfect with the dark lips and natural/nude eyes trend.’’

Q. What will be an absolute no-go this season?
A. ,,Too much contouring and too heavy defined eyebrows.’’

Header photo: Make Up Store Stockholm. Make-up by @Rita_Milla

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Merit Bertilsson (photo by Kristoffer Gildenlöw)


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