Q&A: Smooth Operator

5 make-up tips by Merit Bertilsson

Make-up artist Merit Bertilsson is the owner of Make Up Store Eskilstuna (Sweden). She is two times awarded for best Make Up Store worldwide and one time awarded as best marketer of Eskilstuna (Sweden).

Q. What is the difference between Foundation, BB (Blemish Balm) Cream and CC (Colour Correction) Cream?
. ,,Foundation makes the skin look smooth and covers imperfections but it hasn’t protective substances. You always have to use a moisturizer first and depending on the occasion also sun protection. It’s best to apply liquid foundation with a flat brush or fingers and for compact creamy foundation you can use a sponge. Clean the brushes once a week with a special brush soap or brush cleaner with alcohol in it so you can use the brush after a couple of minutes.  

BB Cream functions as a moisturizer and skin caring, most of the time including SPF, and also makes the skin look smooth but it covers less then foundation.  

CC Cream does the same as a BB Cream, camouflage, moisturize and protect, but it also corrects the colour of the skin and covers best of all these three products. During summer I recommend a light and oil free cream and during winter the CC Cream will be good to use. Choosing the right colour of these products depends on your skin tone. The colour of the foundation always must be the same as the skin colour of your neck. It’s an absolute no-no using the wrong colour foundation because everybody sees it. You can always add more colour under the cheekbone, on the forehead and chin with blush or contour. And always ask for help in the store, because it’s a real jungle out there.’’

  Q. When do I use a concealer?
,,You use concealer locally on your face, when you have dark rings under your eyes, skin imperfections like red spots or when it’s red around your nose. Pink/orange concealer covers darkness, yellow concealer is for redness and beige concealer enhance the pink and yellow concealer and lightens up skin tones. But you can also use concealer only just to light up the skin around your eyes to get a fresh appearance. My tip is to apply concealer after the foundation, BB Cream or CC Cream because then you see which skin imperfections still need to be covered. When it comes to foundation or other covering products, always less is more to look natural.’’

Q. What is a primer and when do I use it?
A. ,,You apply a primer after the moisturizer but before the foundation. It makes the foundation stay better on the skin. There are special primers for the eyelid. The eyeshadow will be more secure on the eyelid and the colour of the eyeshadow gets more bright and intense.’’

Q. When do I need to use a powder?
A. ,,Foundation is a cream and it can `move’ during the day because of temperature or sweating. Powder fixes the foundation and makes sure it stays on the right place. It also makes the skin look smoother by filling up lines and covering greasiness, so you look a bit younger as well. You don’t need to use powder on your whole face but at least apply on your forehead, nose and chin, the so called T-zone.’’

Q. What is the expiring date of these products?

A. ,,Products from Europe have a symbol saying how many months the product is guaranteed after opening. Most products can be used longer than that. With mascara I advise to be stricter and don’t use it anymore after four to six months. Other then that when your foundation or other creams and covering products start to smell weird or bad it’s definitely time to throw them away.’’

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