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New tips & tricks by make-up artist Merit Bertilsson

Do you want to know what kind of make-up is hot and trendy during spring and summer 2017 and what is really not done? HeadBangers LifeStyle asked make-up artist Merit Bertilsson, owner of Make Up Store Eskilstuna (Sweden), two times awarded for best Make Up Store worldwide and one time awarded as best marketer of Eskilstuna (Sweden), to answer the most important questions about what will be hot and trendy now the winter season is over.

Q: Last season the contouring make-up went from heavy to soft. What form of contouring technique will be `hot’ this spring/summer season?
A: ,,This season there will be even less of the contouring technique used in make-up and instead you will see more of the blush-trend that goes from the cheekbones up to around your eyebrows, called draping. And also the eighties are back! Think David Bowie with sharper blush under the cheekbones. As for colour, the biggest trend is pink.’’

Q: What would you recommend for using foundation, powder and concealer?
A: ,,Find a foundation that suits your skin but not too thick! Make it look flawless with a lot of shine at your high spots. A dewy, hydrated, glowing looking skin will be big this season and of course use concealer where needed. The matte powder will step back for a while now.’’

Q: Smokey, smudgy eye make-up was the trend during fall and winter. What will be the trend this season and are there specific trendy colours?
A: ,,Well, this eye make-up is still trendy actually! 🙂 Only now you add shiny liquid black eyeliner on the rim of your eye and even under it as well. Colours? Yes! Every colour is hip, in matte and metallic. And the colour blue is still huge!’’

Q: Do you have a tip for avoiding eye shadow falling on the cheeks/under the eyes during applying? How do I remove the flakes of eye shadow carefully from the face without ruining the foundation or concealer? Especially when using dark eye shadow it can get messy!
A: ,,I think the best to do is to put the foundation on the eyes and forehead first. Do your eye make-up and after that you do the rest of the base under your eyes and the rest of your face. But there is still the old trick too: put a lot of translucent loose powder under the eye so the eye shadow can fall down to the powder. After that just swipe the powder off with a clean big blush or powder brush.’’

Q: Do you have new tips for the eyebrows?
A: ,,Don’t overdefine them, like the Instagram brows we see a lot, and just brush them upwards, fill them in where needed with pencil, pomade or eyebrow shadow with an angle brush and add a good brow-gel and you are good to go. This type of brows might be the biggest trend this season if we will believe Mario, who is Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist.’’

Q.: What type of lipstick and or gloss have you spotted for the Spring/Summer season?
A: ,,The matte liquid lipsticks we have seen the last few years will get competition of gloss this season! 🙂 We also see a lot of light red, pink and red/orange lips too, both creamy and glossy. Give the wine red shades a break this season. Another trend is to match eyes, lips and blush with the same light pink shade. Glitter lips are also huge.’’

Q.: How do we match our make-up with our nails this season?
,,We will see a lot of short nails with natural shades such as pink, nude and white. Just white will be big this spring/summer! We will see graphic designs, metallic nails (that continues from last season) and we will also see red nails a lot! 🙂

Q: ,,What will be an absolute no-go this season?
,,I think I will put the really matte powder in a box this spring and change it to a more shiny one! If you even look a bit sweaty you are really trendy! 🙂 

Copyright photos: Make Up Store

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 Merit Bertilsson (photo by Kristoffer Gildenlöw) 


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