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One of the most wonderful collaborations between bands and beverages must be this, rather unexpected, red wine which is on the market for quite some time already. It is the twist of Slayer’s most ground-breaking old school record `Reign In Blood’ with the red wine, which is taken into an impressive piece of art. Appearance and style of the band’s history and their illustrious trademarks are fully integrated in the design. Especially the [sold out] limited edition that comes in a Slayer coffin is absolutely astonishing fitting Slayer’s image, and still available at selected retailers.

Let’s check the boxes for style and presentation:

  • Blood dripped wax from bottleneck —> Check
  • Red dark wine resembling blood —> Check
  • Integrations of the Slayer logo in design —>Check
  • Upside down bloodred cross on bottle —> Check
  • Pentagram on top of bottle seal —> Check
  • Cross on backside with information on wine —> Check
  • Limited coffin edition to add extra grandeur —> Check

With all of the above boxes checked and the wine’s longer Seasoning in the Abyss, this wine must hit us like all Hell Awaits indeed. Thus we follow Slayer’s lead in order to compile a solid review of the wine presented as Slayer’s “Reign in Blood”.

Red Cabernet Sauvignon
12.5 % ABV
Its presentation is absolutely sublime, but it is all about the wine here. With the presentational bar raised sky-high, was the assembler of the wine able to also capture the band’s attitude in the wine itself?
One of the most obvious choices in assembling a red wine aligning with the crude and harsh music and appearance of the mighty Slayer, is the choice of a dominant force in taste; the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Its compelling and intense tannins provide the accurate body for a metalhead red wine with depth and full body.
With Slayer’s Reign In Blood red wine aging 3+ years already, this edition is to be fully enjoyed at present, as the tannins have gracefully revealed their deepest subnotes by now. The harsh mouthfeel has gradually faded into a fluent and velvet-like rich taste, perfectly pared with a BBQ grilled steak or richly smoked pulled pork. Spinning ,,Show No Mercy” in the background, it definitely adds to the experience of the tasting. Upon opening, I decided not to immediately poor and let the wine breathe and fuse with the air and humidity in the room. Pouring the wine it reveals a nice garnet colour with lighter red shimmer, attractively adding to the tasting.
The nose is crisp and deep. Upon the first taste the typical black current taste is present predominantly, slowly waving into the back as cherries take over. Though it is deep, it is unexpectedly sweet for a cabernet sauvignon. It is typical for a warmer climate (Ca.) cultivated grape. Peppery notes and black olive are present in the background, providing subtle depth and slightly greasy mouth feel. Its pleasant aging adds to the experience of degusting this red wine, and the after taste of vanilla with an oak-like finish and a little peppery note is pleasant. Though tannins are still present and their drought hit you in the aftertaste, they also provide thirst for a next sip. Though I don’t immediately find myself ,,South Of Heaven” because of the price range, for Slayer-fans it is most certainly ,,Divine Intervention” making you love this full-bodied Red wine. It is rich and pleasant, and if you like to experience the band’s classic albums alongside a glass of wine, this is a certain hit. A ,,Diabolus In Vinica”, so to say.

To make the joy even more prestigious, Brands For Fans added the option to purchase accompanying Slayer wine glasses, exclusively designed to match this impressive design. The crystal glasses are all engraved with the Slayer iconic eagle and pentagram made up from the typical daggers, come in a luxurious box matching the Slayer wine presentation. Though sold out, these glasses are still to be found on the Internet, much like the BBQ apron that’s still occasionally surfacing out there.

Good luck and happy hunting…


Netherlands here

UK & USA here

Germany & European mainland here and here [apron and glasses still in stock]

Brands For Fans here and Slayer Spotlight Page Brands For Fans here

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