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In the current expanding market of band branded beverages Slayer already took a firm place with their impeccably designed Slayer Blood red Wine. Their long running relationship as devotees of German herbal liquor Jägermeister now landed them a brand new, extremely limited collaboration to coincide with the bands final appearance at England’s Download Festival.

German Jägermeister made their herbal like spiced liquor available in a 1.75 liters special edition bottle for the occasion. It is a revamped model of the infamous Megameister bottle. 2.5 times the original size as an homage to thrash metal’s finest. The wooden case is sturdy and looks slick, with both brands featured on the front. Opening the casket reveals the story of Slayer redefining heavy metal and music in general, as well as a thank you note from Jägermeister, addressing the band and their fans for being a part of history in music. Ordering it through the website also enables you to personalize the casket and add your own message, which is rather neat. 

Slayer Giftpack [limited edition]
35 % AB
The package itself looks slick and well designed to match the band’s stature in music. The imprint is high quality as is the casket itself. The customized label is shiny with the famous Jägermeister logo adjusted to Slayer’s benchmark dark artwork. What struck me the most however, was that the cross from the original Jäger-artwork wasn’t placed upside down for this special occasion. It would have matched Slayer’s craft better than the current version. BIG MISS!

For the rest it is just basic.
Not added anything special to spice up this collaboration, the bottle holds the typical and rock favourite German drink. It has proven a perfect match with the brand appearing at many festivals in merch boots and on festival grounds with their Jägermeister bar. A long running partnership that landed the brand a household status with legions of metal heads around the globe. The drink itself is therefor one of the most famous in the field of rock ‘n metal. The molasses black drink, served up cold and preferable below 18 degrees Centigrade, is captivating liquor which complex notes fuse extremely well. Jägermeister fuses the famous German profundity and uncompromising high standards with the liquors’ deep and rich taste. Every drop of Jägermeister you have enjoyed in your life does taste exactly the same. Now that is an achievement we need to put in perspective with the distillery using no less than 50 spices, fruits and blossoms from all over the globe, keenly crafted into 4 delicate macerates that are combined into the famous classic spirit. With its foundation in the past (1878) the brand still stands attractively and modern in the present.
The typical sweet top notes prevail and the embedded bitterness ebbs with a fruity citrusy scent. Most familiar is the liquors memorable rich herbal body that flowers with spicy delicacy and arousing aroma. A little earthy sub note remains present, as well as the liquor’s typical oaky and earthly spark. It tickles your taste buds and sparks the brain. 

Though in my humble opinion it doesn’t add much poise to the plate other than the packaging and label, it still is a nice salute to the brand paying tribute to one of metal’s most compelling acts, and one of the brand’s best marketeers of the last 4 decades. Being able to personalize certainly adds some more spice, and the fact of its limited availability also attracts. This will be a much sought after issue per say, but for 100 UK pounds (approx. $127,- / €113,50), I gladly pass on it.

This special edition is made available for a limited time only directly at the Jägermeister website, and comes in a strictly limited amount of 500 bottles only.

You can order here

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