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GHOST WALKER – Pure metal without the morning after bangover

Above the catch phrase of the brand-new collaboration beer from BrewDog and Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe. Not the regular collab, as this is heavy metal’s very first non-alcoholic experience following the footprint of Blythe’s alcohol-free lifestyle adopted in the early 2012. Named after one of the band’s most popular songs ,,Ghost Walking” dealing with Blythe’s path to an alcohol-free lifestyle, the beer and story add up perfectly.

Originally planned to be released coinciding with the band’s 2020 tour, Ghost Walker made an early entry as Covid-19 shook up the world. Unable to take their music to the road Lamb of God’s vocalist and BrewDog decided to this early release and surprise the world with this one of a kind craftbeer.

LAMB OF GOD’s Ghost Walker
Non Alcoholic IPA craftbeer
0.5 % ABV
Ghost Walker most certainly is the best looking can of the pack. The appeal is dark and perfectly adding to Lamb of God’s colour set artwork. Breathing a somewhat cultic art reminiscent to the Mayan cultus, the can really draws attention on first glance. A closer look at the priest figure reveals the BrewDog logo in the crown covering the long running (Blythe) dreadlocks of the skull-faced holy man. The melting pot cooking on a fire and the outlining is all adding up to the exquisite artwork of the black can. Stretching to the back of the can is a strain of repetitive logos of the band and their brewer. Presentation-wise they nailed it!

But what really counts is the taste. Though I’m not fond of the current alcohol-free and low-alcohol movement, I embrace the effort put in to make the craftbeer world extend its reach. There are days I also like to slam a can of I.P.A without worrying whether it will knock my knees inside out when I leave the terrace. Pouring the can I enjoy the sight of the beer. Emptying out and with a nice clean foamy head, and a golden shimmer with little cloudy shine of the light copper body.
The beer presents perfectly and I wish I also ordered the pint glass bearing the logo for the full experience. Ghost Walker does have the distinct scent of its alcohol bearing counterparts. Citrusy and crisp notes of grass and mango and light spices. It is all there and immediately making me a happy camper. A first sip reveals the excellent craftmanship of BrewDog. I don’t miss the alcohol all too much. The taste is rich and fruity and the malts are nicely embedded in the hoppy overhaul. Some oregano and little peppery edge are present. I’m not sure which hops are blended in the mesh but I think there’s Mosaic and Cascade used. A light lemon grass and zest finish with typical tropical notes make it very worthwhile. The nice bittersweet taste tops it of neatly and I guzzle down a large part of the glass to see how it holds up.

And I have to admit; Ghost Walker does impress. The malts and bittersweet IPA taste is impressively well kept in the front. The body is full flavoured and nicely lingers on in a short-lived aftertaste with nice bitterness. Fading fast is one of the side effects of non -and low alcoholic craftbeers, but it isn’t at all a problem with Ghost Walker as the experience is wonderful. There’s a great balance between yeast and hops. I’m well aware that the fresh pizza I took right off the grill while enjoying this beer has added to the experience. The food paring is exquisite and both add up to one another like a marriage made in heaven. Try it!
Blythe and BrewDog most certainly nailed it. This non-alcoholic IPA is a perfect pint to pour on a hot summer day. It packs a punch and is a full-flavored beer. With summer abound, this is one to enjoy frequently. I do not miss the alcohol.
Like the can states: low on alcohol, high on attitude!

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