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Norwegian/German death metal horde INSIDIOUS DISEASE, featuring current/former members from DIMMU BORGIR, MORGOTH, NILE, SUSPERIA and NAPALM DEATH, will release their first album in a decade, ‘After Death’, on October 30th with Nuclear Blast. Today, the band has revealed a new trailer in which they discuss the album’s artwork created by Dan Seagrave (ENTOMBED, GORGUTS).

Watch “After Death: The Artwork”, here

Sonically inducing a depraved and morbid condition of the mind, INSIDIOUS DISEASE will return in 2020 to present their second full length album. Freshly signed to Nuclear Blast Records, the band convenes to create a modern venture into classic death metal. Still in the early stages of existence with only their debut album ‘Shadowcast’ (2010) preceding, INSIDIOUS DISEASE are ripe with a hellish energy that seeks to sear its way across the universe of heavy metal. “It’s not supposed to be re-inventing the wheel or anything, it’s just about finding a good groove that we feel comfortable with”, explains Silenoz.

‘After Death’ Track Listing:
  1. Soul Excavation
  2. Betrayer
  3. Divine Fire
  4. Unguided Immortality
  5. Invisible War
  6. Born Into Bondage
  7. Enforcers of the Plague
  8. An End Date For The World
  9. Nefarious Atonement
  10. Secret Sorcery

Marc Grewe – Vocals
Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir) – Guitar
Cyrus (Susperia) – Guitar
Shane Embury (Napalm Death) – Bass
Tony Laureano (Devil’s Highway) – Drums
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Insidious Disease Facebook Page 
Insidious Disease Instagram   


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