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Release lyric video for the song ,,Straight Shooter''


LITTLE CAESAR release their lyric video for ‘Straight Shooter’, taken from their latest album release, ‘Eight’.

Straight Shooter is a raucous Rocker bestowing the frustrations of the lack of integrity and the search for honesty in an ever increasingly slimy world. In this time where certain countries leaders’ egos are being put ahead of people’s health and welfare, taking an honest, direct and loud stance is needed more than ever!.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO (Explicit lyrics):

The band state:
“Straight Shooter” is the latest video release from Little Caesar’s album “Eight” on Golden Robot Records. It’s a provocative and timely statement considering the current state of World affairs and the quality of some of its leadership. This video highlights a desperate need for more honesty and integrity as we unite to preserve life itself. While many bands shy away from controversy in these times of quick and raucous pushback on Social Media, Little Caesar feels they can no longer sit on the sidelines and “play it safe” as they watch managerial incompetence lead to the loss of life. Sorry in advance if those type of artistic statements pisses you off. On second thought, f*ck you if it does.“

Centred around front-man Ron Young’s raspy, soulful vocals, 8 journeys through classic rock ballad territory via Time Enough For That, locks in a solid groove on Vegas, swaggers in on City Of Sin and brings the riffs on tracks like Straight Shooter and Another Fine Mess.
Little Caesar fuse no-nonsense hard rock that harks back to 70’s giants such as Bad Company and Humble Pie with an aching ZZ Top groove and overlay it with classic R&B melodies to produce some mighty fine straight up good time rock and roll! 8 is more than the sum of its parts, it harks back to when albums were albums, a proper roller coaster of various emotions from start to finish that you can enjoy from end to end or track by track depending on what your soul is in the mood for.

Get your ears around 8 and go for a ride. Little Caesar rocks.

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