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On Friday, December 1, 2023, a rather special event will take place in Ernesto’s Popcantina in Sittard [NL]. Under the name “The Great Southern Jam Night”, numerous renowned musicians will gather for a one-of-a-kind jam.


Well among others, (ex) musicians from bands such as Evanescence, Ayreon, Vandenberg, Doro, Delain, Vicious Rumors, Fire, Stream Of Passion, Axxis, Jaded Heart, After Forever, Highway Chile, Civil War, Dear Mother, Sun Caged, Powerized, Baby Killed The Roses, Dreadlock Pussy, ACinDC, Pestilence, MaYaN, Ostrogoth, Supersonic Revolution and Praying Mantis. They will play the biggest hits you know and love.


Bas Maas of DORO

Robert Soeterboek
Robert already has a musical career of more than 40 years. Vulture, Highway Chile, Bodine, Wicked Sensation, Ayreon, Star One are a few of the bands he has been a part of.

Eric Hazebroek
Hagenees Eric Hazebroek is since 2007 part of Stream Of Passion, once founded by Arjen Lucassen a.o.

Bram Engelen
Bram has worked as guitarist with David Readman (Pink Cream ’69, Voodoo Circle), Pablo van de Poel (DeWolff), Mark Cross (Scorpions, Helloween), among others. Since 2020, Bram has been part of the legendary Belgian metal band OSTROGOTH, and is now also part of the resurrected music institution VENGEANCE.

Roel Käller
A metal bassist with a conservatory past, a brilliant combination! Roel has played in the past with bands like Consonance and SkullSuit and since 2016 in the symphonic death metal formation MaYaN, with which he performs on domestic and foreign stages. Since this year, Roel has been the bassist of the legendary metal band Pestilence.

Michael “Mülli” Müller
This sympathetic bassist from the Ruhr area plays in Jaded Heart.

John Jaycee Cuijpers
This singer, from Venlo, has an impressive list of bands he sings in: Praying Mantis, Ayreon, Supersonic Revolution, Parris, Van Hagar, SUAL, Battleroar, Tiffany Kills, Beyond The Rainbow, RJD The Memorial, ABBA Rocks, Metal Studs, Rock Classic Allstars and DIO Alive.

Magali Luyten
Magali, also known as Maggy, will be the leading lady on stage on Dec. 1! Maggy hails from Belgium and has worked with Uli Kusch (Helloween & Masterplan) among others, was in the Belgian metal band Virus IV and the French band Nightmare. Furthermore, she currently sings in the band The Prize and regularly collaborates with Ayreon.

Bas Maas
Bas has been the guitarist of German Metal Queen Doro since 2009. With this band he toured just about the whole world and performed at festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Graspop Metal Meeting and Monsters of Rock Cruise. From 2002 to 2007 he was in the metal band After Forever, with which (together with Floor Jansen and others) he recorded 3 albums and 1 EP and gave many performances at home and abroad.

Jen Majura
Jen is known for work as lead guitarist with Evanescence. Currently she is part of the project How We End, among others. In addition to being a talented guitarist, Jen is also a gifted singer.


Come and experience “The Great Southern Jam Night“, where the power of music comes together for an evening of rock and metal like you’ve never experienced before!

People sometimes ask us: The Great Southern Jam Night…. what should we expect?
The musicians who’ll participate on December 1st have met each other on the road or backstage during concerts and festivals. That’s where they chat, have fun, drink a beer and often say “we should do something together”. This is precisely what’s going to happen during The Great Southern Jam Night!! With changing line-ups, they will play well-known classic (hard) rock songs without any rehearsals. As Kiss sings: “I want to rock and roll all night and party every day”, no doubts it will be a party on December 1st!

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