ACCU§ER-The Mastery

Metal Blade Records

From 1986 to 1996, Accu§er is a thrash metal band not without merit. Especially albums like ‘Who Dominates Who’ (1989) and ‘Repent’ (1992) are an impressive display of the Siegen, Germany-based group’s technical and compositional abilities. Musically, Accu§er, finds its own niche somewhere between Bay Area Thrash Metal and German bands such as Kreator or Destruction. With the albums ‘Reflections’ (1994) and ‘Taken By The Throat’ (1995), the band changed the musical direction. The sound became more and more aggressive and focused on groove. After several line-up changes they eventually split up in 1996. That is, until 2008 when Accu§er returns back to the front. Although they were never truly gone, to be exact. Under the name of Scartribe, they have been writing songs all the time and played countless concerts. By the end of 2008, the band returned to their familiar name and this is, in their second Accu§er life as I shall call it, already their fifth full-length album called ‘The Mastery’. You might expect what you are used from these Germans namely Thrash Metal. Heavy, chunky thrash riffs and aggressive vocals with a touch of melody. Fifty minutes long your living room is bombarded with thrash metal. It all starts with the fast and furious ,,Mission Missile” including some air alert. Followed by the more melodic side of thrash metal in ,,The Real World”. We speed up a little bit with ,,Solace In Sorrow” and after that there is really no ,,Time For Silence”. On the contrary, the Accu§er machine isn’t silenced until we heard the last part and title track ,,The Mastery” of their new chapter which might be even the best song on this album. Lucky for me I do have a repeat button! Listening tips are further ,,Ruthless” and ,,Into The Black”. Conclusion: Every serious Thrash Metal fan should do him- or herself a favor and check out this new album.


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