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AFTER ALL-Waves Of Annihilation

NoiseArt Records

This web magazine already published an interview with After All guitarist Dries Van Damme where he explains the ins and outs of studio album number nine of these dudes from Bruges in Belgium. So there is no need for me to go into the history of these veterans. Although I am not a real expert in thrash and speed metal I do have my moments in which I enjoy this style of music. And this is for sure a record that is most enjoyable! These guys have got their shit together. The ten songs on ‘Waves Of Annihilation’ are all pitch perfect, there is not a moment of weakness to be seen or in this case heard. Dries and his co-guitarist Christophe Depree are so in tune with each other that they easily can compete with the ultimate thrash Slayer duo King/Hanneman (R.I.P.). Their riffs will shake the fillings in your teeth to the core, the solo‘s are fierce but also melodic from time to time (,,The Usual Sin’’ for instance). Drummer Bert Guillemont and bass player Frederic Vanmassenhove form a deadly partnership on their own, keeping the pace up to the max without missing a beat. Biggest plus is singer Sammy Peleman who puts guys like John Cyriis from Agent Steel in his shadow. If you are into early Metallica, Agent Steel, Toxik, Slayer, Annihilator etcetera… there is only one thing to do. Get this speed/thrash monster and go crazy with songs like ,,First Class Terror’’, ,,None Can Defy’’ and ,,Fall In Line’’. Together with Martyr’s ‘You Are Next’ the best speed/thrash CD that has been released in a long, long time in the Benelux or maybe even in Europe. Chapeau!


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