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After the release of Alter Bridge’s previous album ‘Fortress’ life has been busy for the two most known members of the band. Guitarist and riff master Mark Tremonti released two solo albums and did several tours. Singer, guitarist Myles Kennedy released an album with Slash and toured the world as well. In 2016 however it is time for a new album and they don’t disappoint with their fifth album. ‘The Last Hero’ opens with the high energy rocker ,,Show Me A Leader’’ followed by ,,The Writing On The Wall’’, with melody lines you can’t get out of your head, where Kennedy and Tremonti exchange some fantastic guitar solos. ,,The Other Side’’ shows another side of Alter Bridge with a doomy intro and massive riff. ,,My Champion’’ with its almost Rush-like intro and dedicated to Kennedy’s parents is followed by ,,Poison In Your Veins’’, again a high energy rocker. We already know the band can write fantastic power ballads from earlier albums and with ,,You Will Be Remembered’’ with its somewhat slower ,,Paradise City’’ intro, they once again show it. ,,Crows On A Wire’’ starts with a heavy intro but everything Alter Bridge does always stays melodic because of Kennedy’s inimitable vocal melodies. Another memorable song is ,,This Side Of Fate’’, a cool ballad with some obvious Muse influences. The album is packed with great guitar duels, the drumming is outstanding, the bass parts are flawless. Bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips might not be the most known members of the band but without their solid base Kennedy and Tremonti wouldn’t have the space to excel. What a great team effort and what an outstanding album.


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