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It is always cool to have different voices in a band to sing. We know great male/female vocal bands but Amaranthe will bring it another step further: they have three main vocals, a male and a female clean vocals and a third singer for the growls. This mix of characteristic voices makes Amaranthe unique in its sound and trademarks. As always, they deliver extremely catchy melodies underlined with mean and heavy guitar riffs. Instead of trying to be a true heavy metal band, they write songs with an extreme pop appeal and cover them into headbanging clothing. This is Amaranthe’s trademark since ever and they constantly improve their musical abilities. It is perfect dance music for the headbanger and far from any minimalism, the album title is the perfect statement of what they put on this record. All the possible musical efforts find their way onto `Maximalism. Far from any musical or genre boundaries, Amaranthe is able to work their way up to the top of metal big acts of female fronted bands such as Within Temptation or even Nightwish. If you’re open-minded you should go and check them out. If you’re too true to open up your mind, go hide yourself in your lonesome basement and listen to whatever shit you listen to.


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