ANTHONY GOMES-Peace, Love & Loud Guitars

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Guitarist/singer Anthony Gomes was born in Toronto, Canada but has moved to America to have a successful career in music. The man has already made a bunch of albums proving to be quite a versatile musician. His 2013 acoustic album for instance is a crafty soul based record but normally Gomes prefers steamy blues rock like on his latest effort ‘Peace, Love & Loud Guitars’. If you like a hot blooded marriage between blues rock and a fair bit of southern rock I know this CD is right up your alley. I know it is right up mine as this record has all the ingredients a blues rock record should have. Gomes has this grit in his voice, he has got in some cases very cheeky lyrics, he plays guitar like nobody’s business, he has got songs that appeal, variety and you just hear the inspiration and determination that this man has shining through in his performance. Gomes has surrounded himself with some real experienced musicians like former Giant bass player Mike Brignardello and drummer Greg Morrow, keyboardist David Smith and second guitarist Chris Leuzinger. For the main part of the CD Gomes treats his listeners to fired up tracks like the title track ,,Your Mama Wants To Do Me’’ (And Your Daddy Wants To De Me In)’’, ,,The Whisky Made Me Do It’’, ,,Hard Road Easy’’ or ,,White Trash Princess’’ but he has got some traditional blues as well (,,The Only Woman I’ve Ever Loved’’) and on top of all he delivers some heart wrenching and ultra-sensitive good ballads (,,You Are Amazing’’ and ,,Take Me Back Home’’). And what about the gospel rock flavoured opener ,,Come Down’’, a song about the late great BB King? ‘Peace, Love & Loud Guitars’ is from top to bottom a spicy blues rock record with lots of different moods and lots of juicy guitar parts. And Gomes just has the perfect voice for this genre as well. So thumbs up for this record and Anthony Gomes!

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