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After a gap of five years Armored Saint makes a grand entrée back in the nest with seventh studio cd `Win Hands Down’. A strong album injected with power, great hooks and some interesting adventurous exits along the way. Armored Saint is in for a real metal attack but also knows how to groove, thanks to fabulous bass player Joey Vera and drummer Gonzo Sandoval. John Bush gets well earned credits for his vocal performance plus a big bonus for showing a beautiful warm tone in ,,Dive’’ and ,,In An Instant’’. And let’s not forget all the suburb guitar lines and solos that are giving these nine songs a real adrenaline rush. You hear Pearl Aday, daughter of Meat Loaf and wife of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, spicing up the track ,,With A Head Full Of Steam’’ which is a nice surprise. `Win Hands Down’ is not only an album with credible songs but also contains lyrics that are worth reading. 


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