Avantasia - Ghostlights - Artwork


Nuclear Blast Records

Tobias Sammet does it again! Together with his steady partner Sascha Paeth (guitar and production) and a whole bunch of guests on vocals Tobias treat us to a new Avantasia album. It all started with ‘Metal Opera Part One’ somewhere at the beginning of this decennium and the journey has continued ever since for Sammet. Yet again ‘Ghostlights’ is something like a concept album. But you can find out for yourself what Tobias wants to tell while listening to the songs and reading the lyrics. As always there are some surprises available. It does not happen often that Geoff Tate lends his vocal chords to other bands or projects, but the singer shines on ,,Seduction Of Decay”. Also Twisted Sister anchor Dee Snider is a guest. ,,The Haunting” is a different cup of tea than what Dee does with Twisted Sister, but it sounds good. Within Temptation singer Sharon den Adel makes a return to Avantasia. She sang years ago on ‘Metal Opera Part One & Two” and now she performs a duet with Tobias on the track ,,Isle Of Evermore”.  As always the main key is melody and variation. Sure, some tracks are a bit bombastic (mainly because of the high pitched voice of Tobias Sammet himself) and a bit over the top (the title track is full speed ahead). But there are also some pretty weird vocal combinations. Listen to ,,Draconian Love’’ where the singer from Edguy (Tobias) meets the dark voice of Herbie Langhans. Weird, but beautiful. So at the end of the day ‘Ghostlights” is what you expect if you know the Avantasia style. It is nothing new, but in parts it is surprising and overall very entertaining. Furthermore the quality of the musicians involved is superb, so every reason to go and get this release.


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