BABYMETAL-Metal Resistance

EAR Music/Edel

As per today, the metal society is still unsure if they should love or hate Babymetal. I suppose, the phenomenon is simply hard to understand in our western hemisphere. Babymetal is the wet dream of every metal and manga fan, as they deliver the perfect combination of brutal heavy music, paired with happy singing manga girls. To be quite honest, I still couldn’t make up my mind if I should think thats cool or just a bad joke. Regardless of that, Babymetal are unique, as no one ever tried to combine Scandinavian extreme metal with the Japanese culture. So for some reason the clash of cultures is working perfectly fine. Lets see what happens when the girls grow up. The brand new album ‘Metal Resistance’ is much darker than the debut, I suppose the follow up album will be even darker than this. So hey there metal world, open up your minds, listen to Babymetal and decide for your own if you think it is cool and determined to be metal, or if its the biggest pile of shit ever been produced. There is nothing in between.


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