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Europe has a strong tradition in symphonic metal. Especially Finland and The Netherlands deliver high quality acts like others would swap their socks. In this case, the band is not from either one of these countries but from the market of traditional and classic heavy metal: Germany. With their debut album `Songs Of Love And Death’, the female fronted band Beyond The Black, centred around excellent front woman Jennifer Haben went straight to number 12 in the German charts. A very promising start into a glorious career I would say. No rest fort he wicked it seems, the band went back to the studio pretty quickly to work on their follow up album `Lost In Forever’, which made its chart peak on number 4 in Germany. After this big success, we now listen to the renewed Tour Edition of `Lost In Forever’, with shitloads of extra tracks, which will please the fans for sure: ,,The Other Side’’, ,,Dim The Spotlight’’, ,,Our Little Time’’ and ,,Rage Before The Storm’’. My favourite track of this album and a song you definitely have to hear, is the title track ,,Lost In Forever’’. What an amazing composition of music!

(Note: Beyond The Black is writing an exclusive tour diary of their current European tour with Epica and Powerwolf for HeadBangers LifeStyle, which you can find here).


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