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Billy Sherwood is now 50 years old and ‘Citizen’ is his sixth solo release. But followers of the prog rock movement know that Sherwood has done a lot more than six albums. He was involved with the bands Circa, World Trade, Yoso and off course Yes. At the moment he is working again with Yes doing concerts. Chris Squire, long time friend and fellow musician, with whom Billy played together in their project Conspiracy, recently died. Sherwood fulfilled the last wish of Chris Squire. That was to take his place on the most recent Yes tour, a wish that Sherwood respected. The last recording of Chris Squire can be heard on this album. Title song ,,Citizen’’ features this great musician with Sherwood on vocals, guitar, drums and keyboards. We are listening to a concept album here. It is more a journey through time, seen through the eyes of the citizen, as he changes identity from song to song, eventually resulting in him being the great Nostradamus. An interesting lyrical concept by Sherwood. The guest list on ‘Citizen’ is nothing more than impressive. Alan Parsons sings the song ,,Empire’’, Tony Kaye contributes keyboards as does Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater). Just a few names that feature on this CD, but there are many more. It is not surprising that the music is more or less an enjoyable combination of the above mentioned bands. Fans of Yes, Genesis and Asia will for sure appreciate Sherwood’s inventive musical journey through time.  A journey that brings us eleven progressive rock songs with Sherwood as the inspiring captain at the helm. Enjoy!


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