blazing rust-armed to exist


Pure Steel Records

Blazing Rust is a five piece band from St-Petersburg in Russia. This is their first CD although the band was also represented with two tracks on the split-CD ‘Master Of Metal: Vol. 2’ where they shared the spoils with the other groups Warlok, Oath Of Woe and Carriage. The nine tracks on ‘Armed To Exist’ are when you analyse them a trip back to the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal period in the early eighties. The metal and hard and heavy rock from that time has clearly inspired these Russian boys in making music. And let us be honest here, bands like Raven, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Def Leppard and Vardis are still around and lots of others musicians from that time still produce the goods. The movement in those days helped shape metal around the world and still inspires as you can find out for yourself if you check out Blazing Rust. Heavy guitars, melodic but firm and kick ass songs, a singer (Igor Arbruzov) that brings it across in a more than acceptable way, the record is just as good as the last one Tygers Of Pan Tang released a little while ago. Okay, here and there the material comes over as too one dimensional, but if you take in consideration that this is just the beginning for Blazing Rust, the only conclusion can be that ‘Armed To Exist’ is a welcome trip back to the time where magazines like Aardschok, Kerrang! and Metal Hammer saw the light of day. Not an earth moving release, but it is heavy, the guitars do most of the talking, the songs are well executed and it sounds honest. Don’t mind this one at all!


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