BLIKSEM-Gruesome Masterpiece

Iron Will/Rough Trade

The new, second album `Gruesome Masterpiece’ of Belgium metal band Bliksem makes sure it thunders in heavy metal land. De band sounds driven during their adventure and clearly not afraid to think outside the box. `Gruesome Masterpiece’ delivers ten varied songs, going from extreme, direct in the face thrash metal till doom and sludge moments and you even hear a sultry tango sounding like song. Bliksem roars, speeds and pounds with a good sense of catchiness, while singer Peggy Meeuwsen does some real deep soul-searching with her lyrics, showing pure rawness and deep fragile emotions in her voice. Bliksem hails to the old school metal sound and attitude but they definitely do it on their own terms and prove that, for example, with the beautiful closing ballad ,,Out Of The Darkness’’. 


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