BODY COUNT-Bloodlust

Century Media Records

South Central, Los Angeles in the year 1992. Ice-T and Ernie C shake the world with a unique combination of rap and hardcore metal music. Body Count was born to show the world as many middle fingers as possible. Their song „Copkiller” became an anthem to the restrained black community in the United States of America. Their music a declaration of war to racism and police arbitrariness. South Central, Los Angeles in the year 2017. The world is a better place than 25 years ago. Is it? Look closer, racism is more popular than ever, it even became president of the USA. People with different skin color, different mentality, different believes are still treated like shit in different parts of the world. Hatred is all over the place. Therefore it is no better time to hit back than now. Ice T and Body Count continue their path of blood and chaos which they returned with the comeback album ‘Manslaughter’ in 2014. ‘Bloodlust’ is dangerous, ‘Bloodlust’ will erupt like a volcano. This is not the band of a rich hip hop motherfucker, this is the voice of the street, the dust in your lungs, the blade between your ribs. Including one killer song after the other, the band also bows down to their idols, Black Sabbath, Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer…including an amazingly fresh new version of „Raining Blood”. Body Count is not taking any prisoners, Body Count is here to kill. Music is something beautiful and powerful. Listen carefully to the words of Ice T, combined with the neckbreaking riffs by Ernie C. Body Count world domination 2017, its time to fight back the hatred and racism.


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