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To be quite honest, I was never a Bring Me The Horizon fan at all. I was always under the impression that there are a million other bands out there that sound exactly the same. Therefore, I didn’t have a lot of expectations listening to the brand new long player to write a short and pretty neutral review. I have to admit, I never expected what is on heavy rotation now. ‘That‘s The Spirit’ is actually the completely wrong title, it should have been named ‘That‘s The shit’, no better ‘That‘s THE SHIIIIT’. Holy fuck, this album will blow you away because it summarizes everything you want to hear from a fresh, modern, on the spot metal album. Riffs, hooks, more hooks, melodies, anthems. This album will unite the heavy metal youth with the heavy metal grandpas within a big mosh pit. The level for a follow up album is set to an extreme level…have fun achieving that guys.


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