Motörhead Music/UDR

You have to have a very open mind if you are going to listen to the first CD of this in Los Angeles based outfit. Singer Patrick Stone (ex-Adler’s Appetite), guitarist Johnny Santoro, bass player Mike Stone and drummer Rich Sacco are a young outfit that play high energy rock and roll with a lot of twists and turns. The band flirts which several other musical styles and influences. Sometimes Budderside rocks hard in exciting tracks like ,,The Envelope’’ or ,,Pain’’. A few seconds later there is a big flirt with ska music (,,Ska Bra’’ with a guest appearance from Motörhead man Phil Campbell), there are pop rock influences in a track like ,,Clear Blue Sky’’. There is lots of variation on the album and that is why it is useful if you have an open mind. Every song is performed in a very energetic way and producer Paul Inder Kilmister (yes, the son of Lemmy) has put a dynamic sound together. But I can also maybe foresee that all this switching between styles and flavours could make a potential fan say that the band is a bit on the weird side. And that is so, no doubt about it. But Cheap Trick have made a stellar career by being a bit weird, so there is hope for Budderside as they are a lot more powerful than Rick Nielsen and company. Strange but in a way also charming…


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