BULLET-Dust To Gold


Sometimes song titles already give you a perfect indication what kind of music you can expect. When you look at song titles like ,,Speed And Attack’’, ,,Fuel The Fire’’, ,,Forever Rise’’, ,,Wildfire’’ or ,,Hollow Ground’’ you know that the creators of these titles play heavy and wild rock and roll and that is exactly what Swedish metallers Bullet do on their sixth full album ‘Dust To Gold’. Uncomplicated, balls to the wall big sounding music where no prisoners are taken. A bit in the style of Airbourne and cohorts, in your face material with paced up drums and guitars and a singer in the person of Dag Hell Hofer who, with his high pitched voice and aggressiveness, sounds like he is the son of Cirith Ungol’s Tim Baker and the younger nephew of Axl Rose. That kind of work. It is a fact that on this CD the guys from Sweden sound a bit one dimensional perhaps but they do have power and a strong belief in themselves. And every now and then a record like ‘Dust To Gold’ just comes at the right time to your turn table, computer, IPod or CD player. If you are in the mood for a wild ride, if you want to shake, rattle and roll ‘Dust To Gold’ is your medicine. As straight forward and simple as can be but effective and very to the point. Active for a good fifteen years or more by now and it seems like these guys are not going anywhere soon yet as there is always the need for a band that likes to stir things up at festivals and parties.


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