butcher babies lilith


Century Media Records

When Butcher Babies first came out with their self titled debut EP and the follow up debut album `Goliath’, the label for the puristic metal world was clear: hot chicks with big tits and no talent at all. Sex sells was the obvious reaction to the two front vocalists Heidi and Carla. As it is always easy to rate people from their looks it got forgotten what a hard working touring band Butcher Babies had been. It is obvious, the good looks of the gorgeous women will always help to get peoples attention but, there is more behind it. With the third full length album `Lilith` Butcher Babies are moving on fast to the level of bands like Lamb Of God. Who hasn’t seen the real talent of the band on the previous albums already will hopefully see it now and will understand that it doesn’t matter of you’re a man or a woman, good looking or ugly as hell, it is the overall combination, the team effort of a band that make that you succeed or fail. Butcher Babies deliver. The two girls have more balls than a lot of guys in this industry and they don’t fear to prove everyone wrong. I, as living in Europe, more specific in Switzerland, hope the band would come over to the old world more often and conquer the hearts of the metal heads over here. To finish my review: yes, I am a man and yes, I admit Carla and Heidi are smoking hot but you know what? The music speaks for itself and it is here to kill.


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